Birgit Valla is Awarded the Freedom of Expression Prize

From Mad in Norway: “History shows that people have been and continue to be subjected to abusive and unworthy treatment in mental health care, where the right to free speech and basic human rights are also set aside. The Award for the Promotion of Freedom of Expression in Mental Health Care is intended to draw attention to, and help to ensure the conditions for, free expression on a broad basis.

The prize winner should have pointed out proposals for changes that can ensure a fundamental respect for the human being, its integrity and the right to expression, co-determination and participation in the treatment collaboration.

The prize is awarded to a person, institution or organization that has excelled in that connection. The prize, at NOK 10,000, was first awarded in 2002, and is awarded for the nineteenth time this year.”

The prize for 2021 is awarded to psychologist and Mad in Norway founder Birgit Valla.

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