Healing From the Idea of Bipolarity – Andrew’s Story

From Mad in Italy: My story begins in 2003, I was just over 20 years old; I had been living alone for 3 years, after my father’s death. I went to university: in the morning I trained, in the afternoon lessons, on the weekend I worked. Even all summer, I did not have the freedoms of a young person my age but many responsibilities and stresses. That’s how I had a nervous breakdown, I was delirious, and they took me to the emergency room and then to the psychiatry department. My father had “the label of bipolar” and it was very easy for psychiatrists to make a diagnosis… Bipolar mood syndrome inherited from my father, according to them, despite no DNA testing ever confirming the genetic transmissibility of the alleged pathology.

Read the full original Italian article here, or the English translation here.