I Wish I Were by Ken Segal

I wish I were….

I wish I were a dolphin, just a-swimming in the sea,
I would swim and fish forever, a happy swimmer I would be.
I would welcome human beings, and I’d guide them on their way,
For I’d be a happy dolphin, just a-swimming night and day!

I wish I were a doggy, that is my outrageous wish,
I would love my gentle masters and I’d have a doggy dish.
I would have a doggy bed where I would rest my doggy head,
And I’d play with all my humans and I’d be sheltered and fed.

I wish I were a kitty, sitting in a sunny place.
I would be completely comfortable, and have a happy face.
I would be an outdoor kitty, or I’d stay within the house,
And I’d play and mess quite often with a little tiny mouse!

But I am a human being, doing all that humans do.
I assume if you like poetry, that you are a human, too.
I admire Noah’s patience with all manner of earthly critter,
He must have put down lots of hay and a quantity of litter!


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