FOR OVER 27 YEARS NOW by Adam Slosberg

And so, a new morning begins. The same way. Every day. For over 27 years now.

Fear. Fear the police will break down my door. Abuse me. Brutalize me. Ridicule me. Sodomize me. And Rape me. Every Day. For over 27 years now.

Fear. Fear I will be sent to an obscure, unknown location. Behind locked steel doors. Isolated. Restrained. Drugged until I can no longer stand. Never to come out and without explanation. Every Day. For over 27 years now.

Fear. Fear I will once again be left to sit in my own shit and soak in my own urine. Every Day. For over 27 years now.

All sanctioned by governmental bodies.

Involuntary Commitment. The cruelest of actions ever sanctioned. A method for systematically oppressing populations of people. Citizens and others. Victims of a barbaric regime. Affecting, more so, persons who are typically already disenfranchised. Torture at its best; under the guise and façade of protectionism.

Every Day. For over 27 years now, I wake up in this manner. And these fears permeate my everyday life. Hour after hour. Minute after minute. Relentlessly. I wake up insecure that I have done something bad. Something so Heinous that my very loved ones will turn their backs on me again and send me straight to HELL. Every Day. For over 27 years now, I fear that my dearest friends will just disappear. Without a trace. And I will be left alone. To sit in my own shit and soak in my own urine. Every day. For over 27 years now.

Involuntary Commitment. Human Rights violations to the very core. TWENTY-FIVE human rights violations identified thus far in this field of practice. What kind of Society is this? To quote a human rights activist recently appearing before the United Nations: “Is the Unite States a functioning Democracy?” – “Americans would not know how to spell the word Democracy”. Such tremendous guile and absence of morality cannot be representative of our Founding Fathers’ view of “Pursuit of Happiness”. Such absolute EVILNESS.

And so. No cure. No treatment. Human Rights violations vaporize people to the very CORE of their existence. Human Rights violations DESTROY the very Spirit that we are given to hold onto on Earth by our Creator. The ONLY remedy to regain Spirit is through rejoining the Father in the Death of our physical bodies. The Death of our human Soul has already transpired. I died in 1995. I die EVERY DAY. For over 27 years now.

I WILL NOT sit idly by as our State Governments pilfer, corrupt, and obliterate our very Souls through Involuntary Commitment. Nor will I quiet my voice until Governors of EVERY State APOLOGIZE to their Constituents for the actions committed against their Residents. Nor will I rest until the President of our United States of America apologizes to our Citizens for NEVER intervening on the desecration of our Constitution. Perhaps not Today. But, BEYOND TODAY.

So help me G-d.”

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