Are We No Longer Just Consumers, but the Consumed?


From Gary Sharpe: “. . . our purpose in life seems to have become not just to be consumers of, but to be consumed by, monsters of our making. Our raison d’etre now seems to be not only to serve, but be served up to, our satanic systems. We have become the food and feedstock of the egregors (non-physical entities that arise from the collective thoughts and acts of groups of people) of our evil.

An example of this is how our livelihoods, time, creativity, effort, and earnings, are now just the foodstuff for the totally man-made and ephemeral systems called ‘The Markets’ and ‘The Economy.’

. . . How we are giving, and giving up, the joy and playtime of the early years of our children’s lives to feed The School System. A system whose main purpose seems only to be to tenderize us early, to teach us learned helplessness, how to please and appease. To make ourselves more sweet, and digestible, for consumption by governmental, financial and institutional structures for the rest of their lives.

How we are now just spare body parts (literally in the case of profit-making blood and organ harvesting, and unnecessary extractive surgeries) to feed The Medical System and The Healthcare System . . .

How we are induced to fatten ourselves up (both literally and figuratively) for the sacrificial altars of Big Pharma, Food and Agriculture industries, so that they can feast on the profits . . .

How we voluntarily, at first, and then when this particular ‘feedstock’ runs low, by conscription, give our young people over to be the cannon fodder of The War Machine.

How we are offering ourselves up to be drank dry by the vampires of The News Media and Big Tech, repeatedly being mesmerized and hypnotized by their divisive and rage-inducing clickbait.

It feels like even our democratic ‘rights’ now only seem to be there to feed these systems. Indeed, perhaps we no longer live in a Democracy, but in a Demoncracy (Demonocracy?), where every four years or so, our purpose is to vote for the pecking order of the devilish agendas. Our electoral role is simply in the deciding of which of these beastly systems gets the first bite at us, and which are to be apportioned the lion’s share of our lives, like the proverbial turkeys voting for Christmas.

I suspect that those Powers that Be, the ‘Elites’ who appear to be the main drivers, generators and creators of these systems, who profit the most in the short term, are actually now just the willing servers, waiters and butlers of the demonic systems, which they can no longer control. They too will eventually be consumed themselves as the sweetmeats of the feast. They will not only get their just desserts, but will, in the end, become just the desserts.

Having had this insight, it becomes difficult to unsee, but I think the solutions also reveal themselves in this vision. We avoid being consumed or served up to these monstrous systems, by choosing to minimize our own consummation and servicing of them.”

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