Therapy Resistant?

From Mad in Sweden: Unfortunately, it is not unusual for patients to be blamed in psychiatry. It is considered that the opportunities for rehabilitation have been exhausted, that one cannot continue because the patient does not absorb and work with what the therapist considers necessary. All responsibility is placed on the patient and one must also accept the consequence that the therapy ends. It is of course not a pleasant experience for either the therapist or the patient, but the cause is considered to lie with the patient. It means that the ex does not do their homework and assignments as assigned, does not go against the feelings they feel bad about, does not show up for sessions or does not break negative behaviors and thought patterns. But is it really a one-way problem? Is the patient the problem?

Read original article here and English translation here.


  1. If the Therapy seems to work, they will credit the drugs. If it doesn’t work, they will blame the patient. But here’s the important thing: Whether you take their drugs or not, they will blame you and you alone for any bad results! If you commit a crime, they will never grant you leniency under any circumstances. In fact, if you are found not guilty by reason of insanity, you will be locked up in a prison for the criminally insane for a long, long time!

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