6 Ways to Heal Trauma Without Medication | Bessel van der Kolk


From Big Think: “Conventional psychiatric practices tell us that if we feel bad, take this drug and it will go away. But after years of research with some of the top psychiatric practitioners in the world, we’ve found that drugs simply don’t work that well for many, and our conventional ways of healing trauma need to change.

In recent years, experts in the study of trauma have been experimenting with ‘new age’ healing mechanisms that are making massive waves for trauma patients. Some of these new healing methods include EDMR, yoga, theater and movement, neural feedback, and even psychedelics. Many of these methods have proven to be more effective than conventional pharmaceuticals.”


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  1. A very old nonconventional technique is Dianetics. Who has studied that one?

    Another one is called Objective Processing. Some of these processes are available for general use. Have they ever been studied?

    What about seeing a person as an immortal spiritual being? Has anyone looked into that?

    These guys are trying, but they are wearing blinders. At this rate, they will never get it right.

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