Do we have psychiatry on wild roads?

From Mad in Norway: A doctor specializing in psychiatry says that many mental illnesses are chronic, and you can die from them. What support in the research does the doctor refer to, and what does it do to people to receive such a message? The doctor’s lack of curiosity about whether the disorders may be drug-induced reveals a lack of reflection. Such programs are important as public information, but the journalists should also expose psychiatry’s lack of focus on people’s lives. The impression is created that you have to get more of what doesn’t work. This is probably psychiatry’s real challenge – that the medical model generates more of the same, without missing results arousing particular curiosity.

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  1. The medical capture of the “mental health” system was one of the great tragedies of modern life.

    A person can present with a “mental illness” for any combination of nutritional, environmental or mental reasons. A mental health system should be able to address any of these issues. It’s basically a social support system. Doctors aren’t good at ANY of these functions. They are barely even able to treat real psychosis.

    I agree that the whole system needs to be rebuilt, with people in control who care about others, can look, listen and learn. We see this partially implemented in church-connected charities that help people who are “down and out.” But ordinarily, most charity volunteers are not that well trained in human psychology and helping people through mental problems.

    Indeed, no one I know outside of charity, religion, and perhaps social work (which is derived from the former two) is capable of teaching anyone how to do this. It is what is really needed in mental health, yet is not broadly taught. I don’t think psychiatrists have any interest in fixing this. We will have to find a way to kick them out.

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  2. “… kick them out.” Lol! But I agree. And, based upon my experience and research, psychiatry’s primary functions are covering up medical evidence of child abuse and easily recognized iatrogenesis, with “complex iatrogenesis” – despite the fact that both covering up child abuse and covering up malpractice are illegal behaviors.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” … absolutely corrupted, psychology and psychiatry. The “right” to force and/or coerce drug people with the psych drugs (or any other drugs) needs to be abolished.

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