Good treatment for even the smallest mental problem?

From Mad in Finland: Psychotherapist Vera Gergov, Ph.D., who recently defended the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions in the treatment of mental health disorders in young people, represented the Association of Psychologists at the meeting. He mentioned an important point, namely that burnout should be prevented by paying attention to work communities, instead of employees waiting in line to access individual therapy. So one should not “fix” one individual after another, but solve problems in the community. If this is then reflected in the goals of the therapy guarantee and how we talk about the crisis of access to treatment for young people and how to solve it, the fact that, according to them, you should get high-quality treatment from a trained healthcare professional for even the smallest problem… With the therapy guarantee, we aim, as a rule, to fix the individual. The talk also focuses on fixing the individual, how the mental health services for young people are also in crisis and young people should get treatment quickly.

Read the Finnish article here and the English translation here