Our Millions Year-Old Embodied Wisdom: Kinship and the Indigenous Worldview


From Kindred Media: “Most philosophical positions are rooted in Western enlightenment assumptions of human superiority to and separation from nature, the notion of human cultural progress, and individualism—all part of what anthropologist Marshall Sahlins called the ‘Western illusion of human nature.’ Virtually all prior and contemporaneous cultures had a different orientation, one of human interconnectedness and partnership with the biocommunity and a cyclical panpsychism. Social anthropologist Robert Redfield concluded that there are essentially two worldviews—a set of implicit assumptions that guide one’s values, philosophy, and attitudes towards life. We name these the dominant and the Indigenous worldviews.

The dominant worldview considers the cosmos fragmented, amoral and disenchanted and has led to the disruption of ecological systems, including child development, worldwide. The dominant worldview is seeded by toxic early experiences of disconnection and distress, leading to a psychological splitting of self from others, fostering a self that is easily hypnotizable by authoritarian ideas, and making the detached dominant view seem logical and true. The dominant worldview has led to the demise of biodiversity and cultural diversity.

The Indigenous worldview considers the cosmos interconnected, moral and sacred, and is associated with greater biodiversity preservation . . .

The Indigenous worldview of interconnection and circular effects, sentience and cooperation among natural systems, is supported by scientific evidence today, from physics to biology.

We present forty precepts showing the contrasting worldviews.”

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  1. Interesting, no wonder I had to leave my paternalistic ex-religion, which has unfortunately “partnered with” psychiatry and psychology, some of whom cover up child abuse for the pastors and bishops of my ex-religion.


    They have a “dominant worldview,” whereas I have more of an “indigenous worldview.”

    Albeit, I think the traits of those with a “dominant worldview” is a worldview largely created by aggressive men. And the traits of those with an “indigenous worldview” tend to be more female traits, since women are traditionally and still today, the primary caregivers to children.

    Perhaps, a less paternalistic society is needed, Western civilization? At least, I for one, don’t want to live within a paternalistic “pedophile empire.”


    But when the religions and the “mental health professionals” “partner” up – and decide to profiteer off of covering up child abuse for the religions and the wealthy pedophiles and the fiscally irresponsible banksters in charge, who have been behind all wars – which is where we currently find ourselves.


    We should, instead, admit Western civilization has bad paternalistic systems. We need to radically change Western civilization’s bad systems – like psychiatry, psychology, and the un-Constitutional Ponzi scheme of the Federal Reserve system … and even the Christian religions – whose historic and continuing, staggering systemic crimes against women and children, to control women and children, while covering up the men’s sins and lies – are appalling.

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