Conservatorship: The Racket That Ruined My Father’s Last Years


One of the greatest things about this country that we live in is the freedoms we enjoy.

Those freedoms were embedded in my parents. They believed in them, serving the country that proclaimed them after growing up in families that served as well. They believed in the Declaration of Independence, which held “these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”otherwise known as the American dream. 

Unfortunately, this phrase is not legally binding. 

Sadly, I have watched as my father’s pursuit of happiness was swept away by the court system in his senior years. His liberty, including his freedom to live according to his lifelong and clearly stated desires, was destroyed by a conservator and attorneys fueled by greed.

The author’s parents, Lester Moore and Lou Dell Hart Moore

He and my mother, Lester Moore and Lou Dell Hart Moore, were both survivors of the Great Depression. They both grew up in the South, experiencing extreme poverty before climbing out and crafting a life and a family together. Carefully and responsibly, they built assets that grew over time and made plans for the future. They could not have knownso few people dothat a system of legalized theft exists that would toss aside their plans and siphon off much of their money. Called conservatorship in some states, guardianship in others, it has stripped away the rights and assets of vulnerable people across the country, including the aged, the disabled, and people labeled with psychiatric disorders. 

Lester was born in Van Buren, Arkansas, the first of nine children. He had one pair of pants and one shirt that his mother would frequently wash so that he could attend school. He wore a pair of hand-me-down shoes. His dream was never to be poor again when he joined the US Navy at age 17 and traveled to California for boot camp. Because he was so tiny, he had to gorge himself on bananas to make the weight required to enlist. 

During the next five years, covering his time during the Korean War, he sent his paychecks home to his parents to help with the expenses of his younger siblings. After separating honorably from the Navy and going home on leave, he decided to return to California to train to be an aircraft mechanic.

My Mother, Lou Dell, was also a survivor of the Great Depression in Texas, and she also spent time in the military. She joined the US Army during WWII, serving stateside. 

My parents met while both working at Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank, Calif., and were married in 1952.

Lester was very serious-minded and, like most Southerners, he loved his home state and the idea of owning land there. In 1956, not even 30 years old, Lester bought his first 563 acres. The idea of eventually moving back to Arkansas was always on his mind. He would frequently travel there, ranching and raising cattle on his property with his younger brothers. My parents were frugal people, working hard and saving their money. 

My father eventually left Lockheed, beginning his career at Flying Tiger Airline and later working with Federal Express when they acquired it. My mother became a fulltime mom when I was born, their only child, in 1957.

And they thrived. 

In 1993, my parents created the Moore Family Trust, which clearly stated their financial and medical wishes. By then they had several million dollars in assets, including 600 acres of property and four homes in Arkansas, plus $600,000 in FedEx stock, a home in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and hundreds of thousands of dollars in CDs, savings accounts, investment accounts, and oil and gas rights on their property. 

My mother passed away in 2001. When my father was diagnosed with dementia in 2010, I assumed the role of Successor Trustee, per the trust documents. My children, spouse, and I live in Nevada, but I knew that my father’s plan was always to return to Arkansas to live on his property. He had no relatives in California and always wanted to “go home to Arkansas.” His siblings all lived there, too. 

But in 2010, a predator female and a lawyer withdrew multiple thousands of dollars from his accounts and attempted to change the trust, and I was advised by an attorney that the only way to stop the harm to my father was to seek conservatorship for him.

I became aware of his dementia when my father reached out to me and asked for my help, as did his physicians at Kaiser Permanente as well as his financial advisor. So I went to California in 2009 to assist with paying his bills, and Dad introduced me to his tax accountant. While going through his checkbooks, I became aware that he was regularly giving large sums of money to Lilo Kruger, his “lady friend.” Dad had met her at a grief group in February 2004. Within three weeks, he had given her a check for $700. 

That was just the beginning. He took her on many vacationsto Alaska, Hawaii, Panama, and Germany. He also gave her cash every two or three weeks. As I dug further, I began to suspect she was a predator who specifically went to the grief group to meet men to exploit financially.

Lester Moore, top left, and his brothers

At the same time, I learned that Lilo only had specific days and times that my Dad could visit her: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-9 pm. When Lilo realized that I was aware of what she was doing, she had her friend’s son, attorney William Salzwedel, come on board to change the Moore Family Trust. He removed me as the successor trustee, placing himself as both successor trustee and my dad’s attorney in 2010. This was done nine months after my father had been declared incompetent by his longtime physicians. 

Salzwedel proceeded to change the ownership of my father’s accounts that were originally in my name as the successor trustee of the Moore Family Trust. 

But no longer. 

The Absolute Power of Judge and Conservator

For the record: Lilo Kruger died about a year ago. Court documents show her involvement with William Salzwedel and the changing of the trust, and I have complained to the California State Bar about everything he did, so they are well aware of the havoc he has caused to my family.

My entire purpose, as both my father’s successor trustee and his daughter, was to protect him and to help him move to Arkansas to be with his siblings on his property—which had been his dream since the 1950s. I wanted things to be made right. I wanted the exploitation of my father by these two predators to be stopped. At the time, I believed it would be.

That’s when I sought out legal counsel by obtaining my own attorney, John Barlow. He said that the only way to fight Kruger and Salzwedel was to pursue conservatorship of my dad, even though there was a family trust from 1993, and my father had dementia that was attested to by his two physicians. Per the trust documents, I had already assumed the role of successor trustee. That should have been enough to help him. 

If only I knew back then what I know now, that instituting conservatorship would make the situation so much worse. It literally opened my dad’s estate up to the looting by attorneys and conservators, blessed by a probate judge—all because of the advice of an attorney who, I realized too late, was complicit in the probate abuse in that court. In 2012 the probate judge, after delaying for 18 months, ignored the Moore Family Trust document and placed not me but an outsider, Angelique Friend, as his conservator and trustee.

Lester Moore never again saw his beloved state of Arkansas, not even to attend the funeral of his younger brother Bill in 2016. After the conservator was appointed in 2012, she never allowed my father to leave the state of California, even for a visit. My lawyer repeatedly told me that “we will get things turned around, and you will be put in charge.” It never happened. (As I did with Salzwedel, I have also made complaints against Angelique Friend to the Fiduciary Commission in California. The attorneys that I have supposedly had on my side are very much aware of my complaints against these people.)

None of this was in my dad’s best interest. There were many options for him to live out his life the way he intended. The only people served by keeping him in California were the conservator and the multitude of attorneys involved, all of them billing their hours to his estate.

The Arkansas property was disposed of by the conservator in 2016. Keep in mind that to a Southerner, property is everything. I remember the quote in the movie Gone With The Wind, when Scarlett’s father told her: “Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for. Because it’s the only thing that lasts.” My father’s land was meant to stay in the family forever. There was never an inventory of the ranching equipment, vehicles, antique cars, guns, and houses full of family mementoes that were sold off. All of the excessive fees for the conservator and lawyers were rubber-stamped by the probate judge, who eventually retired, but it all continued with the judge who took over.

The conservator prevented my father from living in the Nevada State Veterans Home, where I am director of nursing, because she would not allow him to leave California. As my Dad’s dementia progressed, I believed that he would be happy near his family.  But that suggestion was disregarded. In 2020, the home in Thousand Oaks was sold over my objections, and my dad was placed in a group home. From February of that year onward, I was not allowed to see my fatherwith the Covid-19 pandemic cited as an excuse. But the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) never had such a restriction. Families were allowed to see their elderly loved ones. 

Within 11 months, Lester Moore was dead of sepsis, caused by bowel obstruction from a fecal impaction, all resulting from caregiver negligence. This was substantiated by the State of California licensing agency for group homes. 

I was notifiedby email!of my father’s death. 

Over a year later, the judge ruled to hold back $250,000 from the Moore Family Trust assets, in case of further legal costs. Now my father has been dead for two and a half years, and they still have not released that money to me, the heir. 

Poppy Helgren with her father, Les Moore.

Just how long can this go on? The absolute power of the probate judge and conservator altered my dad’s last years and all that my parents planned for their assets. There appears to be no accountability for the predators that exploit the vulnerable elderly and their families. Conservatorships redistribute the victim’s wealth into the pockets of the conservators, the lawyers, and the judges. 

Horrific stories of the corrupt conservatorship/guardianship racket need to be told. The dirty little secret of what happens so often in probate court must not be hidden from the public any longer. We need justice for victims. We need a movement to educate people about the harms. It needs to happen. 

Vultures Lining Up To Pick Off The Bones

How has all this affected me? How do I feel about what has occurred to my father at the hands of those whose primary mission was to gain access to his assets? It is surprising to me, all the many emotions that have surged over the unnecessary suffering brought upon my family by the perpetrators of our misery and the root cause, greed. Over the years, I have felt angry, powerless, shattered, disappointed, and disillusioned. I am heartbroken for what was planned for and supposed to bebut was destroyed by the probate court system.

Initially, I had confidence in the justice system. I unshakably believed that the theft by Lilo Kruger and William Salzwedel would be stopped by someone: the police, adult protective services, Thousand Oaks Senior Concerns, the district attorney, or the probate judge. I had confidence that someone would see the big picture.

The first court proceeding I attended in probate court, I was shocked at all the attorneys present who received assignments from the judge, such as the one in charge of my dad’s assets. As we all walked out of the court into the parking lot, I watched the attorneys in their expensive custom suits and Italian leather shoes, getting into their Mercedes Benzes, Land Rovers, and Jaguarsand it hit me in a way that has stuck with me for years. They were vultures lining up to pick off the bones. It was like a premonition of what was to come. 

All of this was exactly what my father had tried to avoid by having a family trust created in 1993. 

As a result, after the judge placed my father into a private, for-profit conservatorshipinstead of adhering to the trust that named me, the only child, the successor trusteeI felt not just disappointed but sickened. I asked myself: how could this happen? No one did what they should have done. They did what they could do. There was no protection of a vulnerable man with dementia; instead, it was done to gain access to his $3-plus million estate. This has become clearer to me as the years have passed, and I have met so many other victims of the same racket in this country.

Poppy Helgren

I have reached out to governors, senators, congressmen, district attorneys, and the state attorney general, only to be told it was a civil matteror to have it ignored altogether. This is the country that my family has served in the military for generations, from my great grandparents to my parents, uncles, cousins, sons, husband, and myself (as a U.S. Army nurse).

As Winston Churchill once said, “Never give in, never, never, never, never.” I believe that. But I have fought this monster for 14 years. Where do I go from here? Sometimes, things happen that are so out of our control that there is nothing we can do to alter the results. 

My father’s conservatorship did not protect my father, it devastated him and his family.

This can happen to anyone.


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Poppy Helgren
Born as an only child in Sierra Madre, Poppy grew up in Southern California and married a career US Army soldier, living in Germany, Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. She is a registered nurse as well as a Women's Healthcare Nurse Practitioner, and has also served as a US Army nurse. She retired in August 2023 as the Director of Nursing Services of Southern Nevada State Veterans Home. She and her husband currently live in Henderson, Nevada, with all of their children close by.


  1. Poppy: Thank you so much for sharing your conservatorship/guardianship nightmare and your beautiful pictures of you and your parents. Unfortunately, this is classic. It follows the predatory system playbook exactly. The referral by a lawyer to conservatorship to resolve an issue because they promise you will be appointed the conservator and power. But if there is money, the family member is never appointed! There is criminal activity going on under the guise of protection. We have to keep on sounding the alarm, get media and public attention until this is dismantled. These predators must be referred to criminal authorities in US Justice Department. I am going to share this widely and I hope everyone who reads this will do.

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    • The article accurately describes a typical example of what happens to a IP where the elderly person has lots of property and assets for the taking. Guardianship/Conservatorship is “captured” by these lawyers like nearly all areas of the so called “law” where it is captured and refined to benefit the lawyers involved as well as the insiders appointed to rob and steal- all perfectly legal!

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    • Sadly this is the way Guardianship/Conservatorships are actually designed to work. By the time an elderly person is deemed an IP by the court 75% coming into the guardianship typically have no money or assets to steal. Some 25% of the IP’s entering a guardianship have little assets and not much property worth stealing, but there are about 5% of elderly entering a guardianship that have lots of assets and property to steal. So that 5% “pays” for all the 90% of all the IP cases where the victim has lots of $$$ to steal. Many of these lawyers do many cases of guardianship ProBono and the state allocates some tax payer subsidy to pay lawyers where IP’s have no assets or $.

      All fees are paid out from and only from the so called Incapacitated Person!

      The court needs lawyers to sign up, qualify and train to be a guardian. Lawyers sign up to make money and want to be appointed to the 5%, but they are appointed randomly by the judge. These lawyers make little money on 75% of these cases where the IP has little to no assets or money to pay the lawyers- so when they get an IP that has lots of money and property they try to make up for all the cases that they made little money over the years. This is the way it works and everyone knows this involved in the court system.

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      • Gilbert: This is all a transfer of wealth from the elderly that have assets to the court cronies, which include attorneys and guardians. So instead of the rightful heirs receiving what is rightfully theirs, the outsiders are able to grab the assets. It is outrageous.

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  2. Poppy and Mad in America,

    Your beautifully written essay breaks my heart. And I’m astounded (as usual) at the indifference responsible authorities showed you when you went to them for help! Obviously the system of guardianship and conservatorship is horrifically broken. For many years now I’ve wondered what in the hell has to happen to fix it. I’m so sorry you and your father had to go through this nightmare, and I’m proud of you that you will never, never, never give up fighting for change. Bless you.

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    • Thank you Diane for your uplifting comments. I have enjoyed your book “We’re Here to Help
      When Guardianship Goes Wrong.” It should be required reading for all attorneys, Judges and law students. It is eye opening to me, even after being stuck in this racket for over a decade.
      God bless you, Diane, as you tell the truth!

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  3. As one who was handed over a conservatorship contract – combined with a classic, take a percentage of gross, thievery contract – under the disingenuous guise of an “art manager” contract. By a psychologist, because my artwork is “too truthful.”

    I will say, wow! The conservatorship contracts are the most comprehensive and appalling thievery contracts I’ve ever read! So, of course, I didn’t sign it … and sadly, I eventually had to go to the police, explain financially how that thievery contract worked, and ask them to get that psycho psychologist to stop harassing me.

    I never did mention to the police that that psychologist told me that he thought neurotoxic poisoning the best and brightest American children “to maintain the status quo” was totally appropriate, however.

    But that psychologist did say that to me, and it still haunts me. Since, as the mother of a valedictorian and Phi Beta Kappa child … that psychologist’s desire to neurotoxic poison the best and brightest American children screams psychopath to me … and, of course, neurotoxic poisoning the best and brightest American children is bad for all Americans.

    Since, of course, the best and brightest Americans work to bring about a better America, for all Americans. Last Christmas my son (with my help) made a gingerbread replica of his local library, for the children of his neighborhood to enjoy. The librarian was actually verklempt, when we gave her the replica – I was actually shocked we pulled it off, and my former architecture teacher “loved it.”

    Last summer (with the help of another artist, and a little help from me and our family) my beloved son created a public “living room project” for the benefit of his entire neighborhood. Plus my son is proud of the fact he was just made a board member of his city’s public transit system. And he may actually get a paid part-time position (he already has a full time career, from which he’s working remotely) in his local community’s governmental system.

    Any American “mental health professional,” who thinks neurotoxic poisoning the best and brightest American children, to cover up child abuse, or because the US public schools “are not equipped to deal with the smartest children,” are morally repugnant. “The children are our future.” Leave our children alone, scientific fraudsters of the “invalid” DSM billing psychiatry, psychology, social workers, CPS, et al.

    Thank you so much, Poppy, for pointing out just how unjust and disgusting the conservatorship / guardianship contracts are. The one I was handed still makes me shudder in disgust. The conservatorship / guidian contracts should be made illegal for anyone, except perhaps actually a loving family member … but how does one tell who that actually is?

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  4. Poppy,

    I am so sorry you and your entire family have been victims of this very corrupt and self serving industry of corrupt Fiduciaries, Attorneys and Judges.

    Unless we all continue to fight and expose these crimes against humanity and the human trafficking of our loved ones, this travesty will never end. I thank God for you and pray for your continued strength.

    Police say this is a civil matter. They tell you to hire an attorney and fight for justice. That’s another element of this self sustaining industry. If your attorney is honest and fights, they are attacked by the corrupt ones. Most attorneys don’t want this gravy train to end, so they are actually compliant with the process and aid each other.

    No one advocates for justice and education until it devastates their family. We have all been led to believe that pre existing Trusts and Wills will protect us. Those are just the tools used by these criminals to seize our loved one’s assets. Many times by the same attorneys that write them. Nothing will protect you if you are targeted.

    You will go broke fighting to honor your loved one’s wishes and to free them from these abusive facilities. That’s all part of their “playbook”. They want you to become broken financially and mentally, while they drain your loved one’s estate fighting you and churning fees for themselves. They will cut you off from your loved one and isolate them, but tell them you have abandoned them. To me this is the highest form of depravity.

    Only by the grace of God did we physically get our mom out of her SoCal Conservatorship, but the trauma shortened her life. Her American Dream, The American Way Cultural Center, was torn down to cover the fraud of alleged code violations.

    Only by the grace of God, our mom was not removed from her home by her court appointed GAL and the colluding attorneys that came against her. They lied in court documents that our mother needed 24/7 care and needed to be “temporarily” placed in a care facility so they had time to take out a $2.5 million loan against her home and Event Facility. If we had not “interfered”, we would have never seen our mom again.

    People need to wake up and know the courts will never protect you! No one is safe!

    God help us all!

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    • Jodee:
      Thank you for reading and responding to my article.
      I appreciate you and how you are fighting this very corrupt system. Like you, we expected the Trust to be followed as written. It was not followed and the next decade was a free for all for all the courtroom cronies. Heartbreaking.
      Keep up your valiant fight, Jodee.

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  5. Guardianship/Conservatorship provides a legal framework for strangers (often lawyers) to be appointed by the court to steal property and person all under the guise of the “benefit” of the so called “incapacitated person”.
    Sadly the way it works is that ALL fees once the person is placed under guardianship is paid out by the AIP- Alleged Incapacitated Person. Once the AIP is ruled by the court to be an IP (not a physician) ALL lawyers fees and other bloodsuckers attached to the Guardianship/Conservatorship case are paid out from the IP- court deemed Incapacitated Person.
    The key point here is that nearly 75% of IP’s have no money or property to steal ( I mean bill for) 20% IP’s have some money or property to steal but a small percentage say around 5% of IP’s have lots of money and property to steal and these “whales” pay for the 90% of the cases that these lawyers are appointed to and the court allows the pillage and “rape” of the IP’s person and property to subsidize the other 75% where these lawyers make little to no money.

    That is how the Guardianship/Conservatorship racket works and this goes on with the court and local DA’s knowledge. Lawyers are supposed to be randomly assigned to cases by the judge and can’t pick the whales from the Sardines! Judges, Court Appointed Guardians, lawyers on the case are all colleagues and work for their own benefit.
    The kicker is the lawyers recommend and advise the family members that have lot of money and property to file for Guardainship/Conservatorship knowing that they will be eaten up alive! It is a scam/racket!

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  6. Yes, sadly the goal of those appointed by the court to “guard” and “conserve” the person and property almost always bill the daylights out of the IP and make deals and engage in actions like selling property to enrich themselves and anyone attached to that case. The goal is to isolate, drug drug with psychiatric drugs) and siphon off everything so that the IP is placed on the public dole- Medicaid- if they live that long.

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  7. Poppy,
    This was heartbreaking to read. I am so sorry for the legal nightmare that you and your family have gone through. I believe you 100% when it comes to the authenticity of your story, and it makes me so angry to hear about the injustices that these people committed against your father, you and your family. The gall and the shamelessness of those people! At the same time, I found the part of the story leading up to the conservatorship very inspiring, especially the life of your parents. I pray and hope that God will vindicate you for what you have suffered. Blessings, P.

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  8. Poppy.
    I admire you for continuing your fight for justice. Almost the same thing happened with my parents and their assets. 1.5 million spent out of their estate and it was not for the cost of care, because I provided 96 non stop hours each week for not only their care, but the care of the home they lived in since 1963. Probate court and my parents atty. Ignored their long time trust and coerced them into agreeing to have GALs and a professional private fiduciary, manage them and their estate. I could go into detail, but its been a long hard emotiomal drama that cost me everything to end up with nothimg. I actually was going to ride my horse from San Diego to Washington DC in order to raise awareness of this horrible and ruthless industry that robs americans in the amount of billions each year. But Im tired and I am getting old and was recently robbed by another horroble person and I have about givin up. But I would like to get on your team and try and put a stop to this. Let me know what I to help.
    Amy Piechocki. Email is [email protected]
    Ph 619 740 9393
    Addl info
    Prof California Fiduciary is Marilyn Kreibel. Look her up.
    Legal theif backed by probate court judges and lawyers.
    You can read the probate case;
    Aspenleiter. San Diego Superior Court

    I know ecaxtly how you feel, only I am alone. No husband. No home
    Just a daughter who needs help too

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    • Dear Amy Piechocki:
      I am so sorry that you and your family have suffered the same criminal activity of conservatorship. I understand what you said about getting older and tired yourself. That is what these criminals count on, us throwing in the towel. Yes, we go through hard and emotional torture when our parents are subjected to unnecessary conservatorships. I believe that Trusts are disregarded by the “system” because they want to grab the assets for themselves.
      I will contact you.

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  9. I am going through almost the exact same problem. In L.A.. My mother broke her back. She was on Xanax and Lexipro for a decade. When she was at Sunrise Palos Verdes, Torrance, CA, they put her in heavy pain killers.

    I pleaded with them to get better medical advise. I warned them over and over again they were sending her to the morgue with respiratory failure. They hung up on me. They screamed I wasn’t a doctor. She was under a doctors care. Any doctor who’s been on planet earth after the last couple years should know not to mix these meds.

    I called the Police. They laughed at me. I have gone through a hard Benzo taper for well over a year and a half, the prescribing prescription laws are so harsh I don’t know the meds were filled.

    I called every agency in L.A., places in Sacramento. I talked to the same person at every agency. That’s not what we do here. You need to call… I called her financial advisor who was her medical power of attorney. I called him pleading for him to call me so he could step in and help her.

    I was across the country hiding from my abusive ex who was stalking me. He never returned my five phone calls for him to step in. He didn’t care about my mom. Her medical power of attorney didn’t want to step in when my mother was incapacitated which would make him and help my mom.

    A few days later the financial advisor called me. My mother was on a respirator in the ICU with respiratory failure. I was furious and told him off for not calling me.

    I wasn’t listed as a medical power of attorney so the financial advisor wouldn’t give me permission to talk to my mother or get any medical updates on my mother’s condition.

    I was able to tell the ICU nurses about the meds. They were concerned. I spent an entire night sobbing and pleading to find out about my mom’s condition. I also wanted to talk to her. My mom’s on the other side of the country dying and the medical power of attorney wouldn’t let me.

    I spent 20 minutes chastising myself to hospital administrator at Torrance Memorial Hospital to talk to my mom. The administrator made me actually say “PLEASE, MAY I SPEAK TO MY MOM.”

    I was granted 1 minute, on a speaker phone, observed by an ICU nurse. I sobbed and told me mom our peace. At one minute the phone went dead. It was the last time I talked to her.

    There is much more gross abuse I’ve had to put under by my cousin who was named the trustee in her updated Will. I wasn’t told about her death. I find out in a round about way. It was past the 90 day statute of limitations to contest the Will. My cousin has, with the help of two different lawyers, have dragged my life through the dirt.

    The worst was my cousin sending me 4 specific things that belonged entirely to me. I wanted family photos, my brother’s ashes, paintings made my daddy before his death when I was six and her jewelry.

    I recently got all but my brother’s ashes. The jewelry had specific items of so overwhelming value to me. I cried the whole day.

    The fact is that people do this, especially in the litigious state of California, is because they can. My mom died more from the overwhelming red tape. People all to happy too pass the buck. Police Officers who, well, they’re the Police.

    However, when it comes down to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and judicial precedent doesn’t apply to people deemed “mentally ill”

    My 1st Amendment rights are trampled should say I was feeling suicidal. Because of our patronizing abuse of self reporting is a violation of my right to free speech. How can we say we have freedom of speech, unless you’re talking of suicide. There is also fear of not having protected speech should I talk about “crazy symptoms”.

    There is no 4th Amendment right for people to ask for the right to ask to have a hearing to be released from involuntary commitment. Nor are people allowed to bring evidence. In probate court the right to freedom from institutionalization.

    The amount of 14th Amendment rights of due process goes without say. There shouldn’t be given a free pass for what a psychiatrists say about continued commitment.

    There is also a violation of cruel and unusual punishment. While being judicially committed isn’t a criminal conviction the lack, and lies, on forced medication should NEVER be decided by someone with medical knowledge.

    With the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court there has a sea of codifying laws to make women’s right to an abortion legal. There are also violation of how consenting adults chose who they love or how they love them.

    There is no flags, no signs, no bumper stickers demanding My Body My Life when comes to an informed consent on taking heavy toxins.

    Why does everybody think that these rights under the Constitution or judicial precedent never applies to people with “mental illness”.

    I also have questions about the free press. The free press that never reports on any research papers or the recent Treaty by the UN/WHO. There is no freedom of the press for catching and killing stories related to criticizing psychiatry or BigPharma.

    On MIA we believe in informed consent. However, fighting misinformation, we have a right to be Pro Truth too.

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    • I am sorry that you experienced that.
      The conservators/guardians and their lawyers often totally ignored prior POAs, Trusts and medical directives. They have cart blanche to do what they please with the ward, isolating them from loved ones, all the while liquidating assets to pay their “fees”. Meanwhile, they shut the families up with threats of libel and slander suits. It is disgraceful.

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  10. As I begin to write this letter that I have started maybe 20 million times over the years. I’m just overwhelmed with the anger, the despair, the complete disbelief that this could happen in America and happens every day to innocent people who just happened to cross. Or have an interaction or be noticed by the wrong person. The wrong people in my story are John Patrick Rogers an ex employer who robbed people of 340 milllion, his cousin was the officer that started the investigation to conserve my mother. In Tom Bailon. But those are just the two toIt descends into this network of people that have no moral compass or completely corrupt and are protected. Something I didn’t even know existed.
    The pure evil that descended on my mother’s and mine lives and continues in mine is like a nightmare and the fact that there is no help from police or actually anyone in government.
    Is another example of the complete corruption that exists in our country.
    The agencies involved in these types of corruption are adult Protective Services, the conservatorship courts. The police. That act upon instructions from these agencies harming families as was so clearly exposed in take care of Maya. Take care of Maya was not a one time incident, it was a view of standard operating procedure.

    I have tried over the years to. Put this behind me, but I. How can you when? These people basically murdered your mother. But I thought if I kept quiet, they would let me have a life, let me live. After all of the injustice that was done. But they won’t. They won’t let me live. They continue. And so, I have no choice. If they did not, keep on. Harassing me. And let me have my life. I would have moved on, but this is this is this is all I have. This is all I can do.

    Is well known that the United States of America has made a commitment to countries around the globe for maintaining the peace. Protecting the delicate balance between sovereign nations and, when required, providing aid in the form of our armed forces, in extreme cases, to protect human rights. Yet we ignore the war occurring every day here at home in our own country and the suffering of our own people. The cause is greed, decaying the roots of our principles as a nation and as a people. Corruption has existed throughout time. However, I do not think that there has ever been a time in history where its presence has been more prevalent in every aspect of our existence, to the point where it is considered normal behavior then. As a daily current news report displays. This issue. Offers the citizens and the government of our great nation. And I hope encourages all. An opportunity to make an ethical choice and rid out corruption in every form, wherever it may live and save what remains of this outstanding nation we call home. For Sam, this may be a dilemma. Corruption comes with a lot of perks for others. But we are maturing into a land that requires. Decency. It’s not a choice. If we are to fulfill the words written on those two scrolls of genius, humanity and intelligence, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we must root out corruption wherever it lives. And unfortunately. Is pervasiveness in government is becoming quite obvious. We must bring our focus back to the people of this great nation and work together to make our people part of a great nation, one that rules without tyranny, scandal, greed, unearned, privileged, and make those words once again have meaning. We. The people.
    I do not believe that the America we live in. Is the America that was envisioned by our forefathers. I do not believe that serving in government should make people billionaires. And career politicians. I do not believe. That it should be. Very easy to take away somebody’s constitutional rights. I think that that should be the hardest thing to remove somebody, and I believe that that is what our forefathers believe. Unfortunately, that is not what goes on. When did government become? A privilege for the elite. I guess I can answer that. It’s been like that forever because we are the slaves. The middle class is the slaves on the back. Whose back carries all the debt? All the loss. And in the end, we’re just numbers. It’s nobody fighting for our rights. As brought up to believe that this was the best country. To have been born in. My mother, who wasn’t born here, believed that too. And what this country did to her is inexcusable.

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    • Patricia: I agree that our government is not protecting vulnerable people under conservatorships/guardianships. It is not a “protection” for the wards, it is a ticket for the predators and legal elite to transfer the wealth of the people who worked for it into the predators’ pockets. What a shame to be in this place at this moment in time, in the United States.

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  11. I appreciate your tenaciousness in the fight against the corrupt system of guardianship/conservatorship, Marian. Thank you so much for sharing my father’s story.
    I pray that this is the year that we make headway into getting this racket dismantled and that the criminals are held accountable for their gross wrongdoing.

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  12. Poppy is one of the most reputable and hard-working Court Victims I have met since I was sucked into the most corrupt business in America, the “Justice system” which in reality is a money making system by the biggest fraudulent business “The American Legal BAR”. Having been a PO for almost a decade, I was brainwashed to think judges were about honor, truth, evidence and fairness. I was shocked to find out how many judges were easily bribed and part of a bigger corrupt system that is rewarded for their crimes as they are moved up the ladder of courts.

    Perjury, ignoring evidence, blatant overbilling, stealing and not reporting bank accounts of our loved ones is rampant all over this country. The scam is the same, just a different group of organized and well-paid criminals. Most Americans have a hard time believing that judges can be this corrupt or criminal. They are quickly convinced when someone close to them is abused by a judge and see the light, but the problem is it’s too late.

    The words conservatorship and guardianship are fake words created by the very criminals who hide behind them pretending to protect and serve the weak, elderly, disabled and sick. It’s a well-planned con game by some of the biggest, richest law firms and fiduciaries (who most are criminal and dishonest). The game is to draw victims into a court thinking they are protecting their assets or loved ones. Only to find no trust, power of attorney or legal document can protect you if it goes before a dishonorable, bribed criminal parading around in a black rag as a judge.

    After I spent 3 full days in a 6×8 jail cell back in 2011, It came to my conclusion that the criminals who are committing this fraud upon the court, elder abuse and stealing life savings and estates of hard-working, taxpayers have zero moral. However, they fear being exposed and don’t want court victims to share their crimes. They want a mask to hide behind. My mistake was commenting on an article from a senior in AZ who lost everything to being conserved. I wrote my true feelings about what should happen to the lawyers and judge who helped do this to my mother. My sister being 100% guilty was following my internet activity had her $500 an hour lawyer file a report with the Pasadena PD. Same PD that ignored me when I filed reports with them as to what was going on. In the end, since I had committed no crimes (this was obviously just a trumped-up scheme to scare me) the report was changed with a simple stroke of the pen through the status “Arrested” to “Detained”.

    I know the Lawyer Philipp Barbaro Jr. of Pasadena CA who was a professor of law and President of the Pasadena BAR (was hired at twice the rate of the original criminal Christopher Overgaard of La Cresenta CA). Overgaard perjured an entire petition with the help of my sibling, who was disinherited by her father for not speaking to him for 35 years. She did not want to be disinherited by our mother due to the same treatment. All it took was both parties to make up pages of outright lies and accusations. Even claim I was not living in the US, and she had no contact with me for years. When the truth was, she had just called me and sent me numerous pieces of mail. Even my credit report showed where to find me and a stable address for over 20 years. My point is the courts check nothing. These so-called “Probate Department Investigators” who billed my mother constantly did not care about the truth, evidence, witnesses, obvious perjury or the fact the Conservator was, in fact, a common criminal with a history of legal actions for profit abusing our courts.

    Overgaard went so far as to claim he hired a Private Investigator to look for me and could find nothing. He could not find my credit report or the fact I was a PO for a decade and find me. When this info became available to me. It was held back when I asked for it, and even parts of it which incriminated them were left out. The person who Overgaard claimed was a PI was his legal partner (yes, another lawyer who shared his office). The goal was not to find me and pretend they looked buy could not find me when I was one county away. Again, it’s that easy to commit fraud upon the court.

    It gets better, as many court victims will admit once that corrupt judge rules against you. This means the criminals won, and they use this to even sue you or get monies for their expenses. They tried to destroy my credit by getting writs against me for costs. They never served them and even failed to tell me they were filing them against me. The goal was to get them on my credit record.

    Hire more lawyers, that is the advice you’re given. The fact is, you’re just throwing money away because no lawyer can help you if the judge is bought. You can go to trial, which I almost did. But after discovery, deposition games, I ran out of my life savings which totaled approx. $200k that just went to my lawyers. I made the mistake of buying to justice and a fair judge. Don’t let that happen to you. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Lawyers will demand thousands in advance money they burn through in a few weeks or months.

    In the end, your loved one will be imprisoned in a locked nursing home which caters to the conservator, NOT your loved one. That’s the other flaw. When another party is granted the power of being a conservator/guardian, they are the ones writing the checks. To themselves and anyone they want to bribe to go along with the scam. Even the lawyer forced upon your loved one answers to the Conservator, NOT your loved one. My mother was cheated out of her rights, attending court hearings or being able to see her own child with the help of her court appointed PVP lawyer. These are the most useless lawyers who only care about billing your loved one. Worse, they know as long as that person is locked away and under control, they will be paid a handsome salary.

    Drugging is far too easy, and it does not matter if a doctor is involved. I found out via discovery that the doctors all medicate by the comments of a loved one. That means my sibling could lie about events that had not taken place to get the doctor to over medicate. My mother, when I was able to visit at the start, informed me of the scam.

    My mother had her own private room with a locked door, however my sister soon stole and made a copy for her own access. The home had strict meal times; thus my sister knew when our mother would be at meals. So a few days before my sister was to take our mother to the doctor, she would place 5 pairs of bedroom slippers at the foot of our mother’s bed. Our mother would return to her room and see the extra slipped and find it odd, the next day the slippers would be removed from her room. Then at the doctor’s office, my sister would tell the doctor our mother was acting even more crazy and hallucinating. She was seeing 5 pairs of slippers in her room which never existed. Then, when the doctor interviewed our mother, he asked if she had seen extra slippers in her room. It’s obvious what our mother responded, but you can see how the story is manipulated.

    Some very dangerous drugs were suggested to the doctors by my sister and medical records showed the doctors informed my sibling of the dangers but when the doctor wanted to change the meds my sister played the game of “musical doctors” and made up reasons why she needed to change doctors until she found one who would go along with the over-drugging.

    Then there were the times before I knew what was going on and that a conservatorship existed or what it was where I was doing work at our mother’s apartment building. I did everything on my time as I had for 30 years when my sister was nowhere to be found. But now that my sister could bill $40 an hour, she billed for visits, bringing so-called gifts etc. Even billed to re-deliver US mail, which was all forwarded to my sibling’s home to censor the mail or alter legal documents. I did not mention it, but my sister told me after I had done work that she could not pay for anything I did, as family members could not be paid. But she failed to reveal she was billing thousands a month to herself and to friends, often to work never done. My sister had discovered a way to do no work and bill our mother $39,999 a year, but never lifted a finger when she was unable to bill.

    No one checks anything, and all billing is accepted and paid without questioning anything. However, if you file a petition with proof of fraud, over billing or billing for work not done, no one cares. But if the conservator named you a laborer in billing and pocketed that cash, it was acceptable. It did not matter who you told or gave evidence or documentation to, it was all ignored.

    These are all events that cause court victims to suffer from PTSD. The fear of that knock on the door after midnight where you are arrested and taken to jail. Afraid to open mail because who knows what you’re billed or charged with. To hear your loved one cry on the phone and then be blamed for causing your own mother to be upset when she should be upset as she was kidnapped from her home via lies and then locked in a prison for over a decade. Forced to take medications to make her appear mentally ill, and forced to take more when every she spoke out about what was being done to her.

    Welcome to the Los Angeles County Superior Court Probate Department. A division of well picked criminals with famous names like Judge Brenda Penny, Aviva K. Bobb, Judge Reva Goetz. They all have a history of victims they’ve robbed and cheated. The biggest criminal and presiding just Aviva K. Bobb worked closely with a real estate firm who sponsored her lectures and events was the same company who got all the properties from her Probate court when she was overseeing my Conservatorships like Ricky A. Ritch and Lee Peters. Peter’s died as a lack of medical treatment denied by Bobb. Ritch was severely beaten by corrupt LASD deputies as Bobb had connection with Corrupt Baca. She wanted to scare him as well. Ritch did the right thing and filed a RICO and formal complaints. I had telephone contact directly with Ritch who felt assured he would get justice as he had a decent lawyer prepare the complaints. So what happens? They go silent, and the complaints go on deaf ears.

    Welcome to a Mafia, but the godfathers are the top judges who line their pockets and get huge bribes in the form of property loans which they get the funds but never pay a dime back. Janet Phelan did an impressive job exposing how it’s done and how to research such bribery payments.

    The problem is police, county, city government are all connected, and any reports are ignored with the common response “This is a civil matter, see the judge”. Well, when the judge is the criminal, who ya gonna call? The fiduciary commission or Commission on Judicial Performance is just one more bunch of legal members who are paid well but do nothing. The accounting for the CCJP shows thousands of complaints every year but ZERO or maybe 1 prosecution.

    FBI or DOJ? Totally useless because these agencies are all now run by lawyers who are “members of the BAR” which is part of the criminal empire. Sorry to ramble on, I could go on for days with the years of abuse I endured, the bait and switch, failed to notify all parties and other games all the lawyers play while the judge ignores everything, but one more time I have to feel the loss and pain while a sibling had total control of every penny, even invested it and stole the dividends reporting losses or very minor gains.

    It’s easily a billion dollar yearly business where dirty lawyers and judges get rich off innocent victims whose only crime was paying taxes, working hard and saving for their golden years.

    I welcome all court victims to join me and others at to share our stories, network, support each other and stay inform.

    Thank you, Poppy, for speaking out and being brave

    Robert Gettinger

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    • Robert:
      I appreciate your candor in this reply. What you have experienced, the terrorism and abuse against your Mom and you, did not make you cower in fear, but made you stand up to the racket and speak out. I appreciate you and your hard work to tell others the truth about the “legal” corruption we, and thousands of others, have experienced. Yes, the people involved in this dirty racket are only in it to transfer the wealth into their pockets, not “protect the vulnerable.” I believe this will eventually erupt like a volcano, and justice will be served.
      God bless you and your efforts, Robert.

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  13. Hello Poppy and Marian, Both of your stories are painful to read but both stories are very well illustrated and easy to read and understand, Thank you both for telling your painful stories.
    Everybody knows that the taking away of property from a completely innocent person is wrong, no matter how you try to justify it.
    In the guardianship caper, it’s the wrongful misuse of the guardianship law to plunder all assets instead of protecting and preserving all assets. The two major wrongful actions of the courts, the judges and the court appointed predators are, the taking of a completely innocent person’s assets, and the misuse of the guardianship law to plunder instead of protecting and preserving the assets. Both wrongdoings result in the gaining of the predator’s assets at the expense of taking away of the assets of the innocent person’s assets.
    The ancient axiom of law reads. “YOU CAN’T GAIN IN LAW BY YOUR OWN WRONGDOINGS” The classic example of this law—one cannot collect the life-insurance-benefits from killing the person! I hope this makes sense and can relate to what’s happening in wrongful guardianships?

    David Heeter member New Mexico Family Guardianship/Conservator coalition


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  14. Ii used to practice law until I started learning and seeing this kind of garbage. They didn’t like me telling in them though. Ha

    Some of us are busting some judges In sc. I need to know who received this treatment in sc…unfortunately it is everywhere but if u have sc case or story…now is the time to team up w litigants fighting sc. Poppy I need to speak w u also. Can u contact me at .y email? Or respond to this post.

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  15. I’m a disabled veteran which has it’s own separate state revised statues from the none veteran guardianship and conservatorship to protect veteran like me from being ripped off by the corrupt system..I start first with my divorce case which the presiding divorce case judge of course in collusion with my spouse,her lawyer and my lawyer schemed together to have a guardian ad litem appointed with out a hearing violating my due process rights as an adult competent, nothing of evidence of incapacitation and of sound mind ,given the opportunity to be heard prior to given a total stranger the rights to settle my assets of a substantial amount.Surely bias, partiality and show of prejudice would automatically disqualify by recusal which she didn’t and continued presiding over the divorce case which the guardian decided settling close a million in assets against me leaving me only with my paid off home.I tried hiring other lawyers even informed the veterans administration which declined to help me,next came the special conservatorship which I was served notice of a hearing all preplanned from day one to collect all the excessive inequitable assets..Can you imagine this happening to Bill Gates or Trump in such of an unheard of divorce case without children being involved , well I black and no one gives a damn.Easy money appointing a guardian ad litem to settle your assets of course obvious lies by spouse lawyer accusing me of hiding money,secret bank accounts and the withdrawal money for joint account after being served divorce papers,when actually it was my disability checks stolen by my spouse forged my signatures cashed in my name and immediately withdrew from the joint account.Investments accounts, direct deposit,bank ,safe deposit box all cleaned out by guaridian and conservator,bills from people i never met this dog (i hate her)signs off 37k to court cost me.Its to that but i will move forward she lied had me jail claimming i threaten her over a 3 months prior sick dog sends a swat team in my white neighborhood to arrest me,hey to sum this shit up while I was in jail they searched my home found federal chechs , cashier checks which the back claims not to haven’t records of two weeks outof jail i get a conservatorship hearing for not filing income taxes ,now this is the corrupt court so i contact the va which should supercede which they lies claiming to evaluate me incompetent.First of all depriving of my due processs to be heard is a violation of constitutional rights voiding years. This hell I have come down with an illness due this dgghjfdfghj ass judge.ive had enough being theated wrong while thinking me for my service.Now I documents and no one care im 73 soon 74 of age this no good racist judge which of course white can give a fuck and support he unlawful things e she done to me.this rogue renegade racist judge going to cause someone to get serious injured.Just think of the money corrurpt judges, lawyers on the divouce family side of law can steal and no one cares.

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