Experts Call for Reversing Rate of Antidepressant Prescribing in UK


From The Guardian: “Medical experts and politicians have called for the amount of antidepressants being prescribed to people across the UK to be reduced in an open letter to the government.

The letter coincides with the launch of the all-party parliamentary group Beyond Pills, which aims to reduce what it calls the UK healthcare system’s over-reliance on prescription medication.

. . . Published in the British Medical Journal on Tuesday, the letter says: ‘Rising antidepressant prescribing is not associated with an improvement in mental health outcomes at the population level, which, according to some measures, have worsened as antidepressant prescribing has risen.’

The letter goes on to say that reducing the rate of antidepressant prescriptions could be achieved through measures that includes stopping the prescribing of antidepressants for mild conditions, and funding and delivering a national 24-hour prescribed drug withdrawal helpline and website for new patients to help those experiencing withdrawal symptoms from prescription medication.”

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  1. This is wonderful news. One can only hope that medical experts and politicians in the United States will have enough balls to follow suit. But that’s highly doubtful knowing how much both of these groups live in the pockets of Big Pharma on this side of the pond.

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