From Patient to Person – to take back power in one’s own life

From Mad in Denmark: The book describes very sensitively, well-reflected, and with a high poetic level, how relationships can develop into complicated arenas; my experiences that the behavior of professionals is surrounded by the exercise of power, which should not but must be respected. At the same time, it highlights how important relationships are when authentic encounters occur, where one is not guided by anything other than meeting the other, where the person is. 

“Because it is and will be the connection to others, and the connection I feel they have to themselves, which connects me to myself, which is my driving force in this life” (pg 118).

Read the full Danish article here and the English translation here


  1. “From Patient to Person” – how embarrassing that we, as a society, have a medical community that forgot patients were people. And how embarrassing that we, as a society, have a legal community that believes people are corporations, and corporations are people and/or persons. Not to mention the systemic sins of the globalist Western banksters, who my small American banker father was likely keeping financial tract of.

    Let’s hope and pray God takes control, and we have an end to the bad systems of Western civilization. Pray to God for a better world.

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