Lock You Up by Kjellaug

This week’s Song of the Week is an original song written and performed by Kjellaug: “One day in March this year, the editorial board of Mad in Norway received an email from Kjellaug. She wondered if we wanted a song to accompany the topic of searching for new ways to cope with mental health problems. Attached to the email there was a beautiful but provisionally recorded song. First, we noticed a delicate and present vocal in a lovely harmonic tune. But underneath we discovered something else. Those lyrics couldn’t possibly be made by coincidence. It had to be created by someone with great insights from our health care systems. Last week the song was released on several streaming services and successfully performed live at the annual Mad in Norway seminar.

This song is for everyone who can relate to the topic of mental health treatment, and to everyone who needs to be aware of the medicative ward services. If the song speaks to you, feel free to drop Kjellaug a line at LoveFromKjellaug[at]gmail.com

-All the best from the Norwegian affiliate of Mad in the World.


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