Psych Patient Held Against Will Discharged After FOX31 News Inquiry


From FOX31 Denver KDVR: “When Jonathan Delgado-Concepcion checked himself into Centennial Peaks Hospital on Oct. 18, he thought he might be there for a few days — a week at the most. Instead, the 28-year-old found himself trapped at the behavioral health hospital in Louisville, unable to leave even after he said he felt his mental health was better. ‘Suddenly, everything started to turn to a nightmare when they started to basically hold me against my will,’ Delgado-Concepcion said in a phone call from the hospital on Monday, Nov. 13.

‘Please do not give me any more drugs’

Delgado-Concepcion admitted checking himself into the psychiatric hospital following a DUI arrest that he said led to a nervous breakdown. What he said he did not expect was to be given a combination of psychiatric drugs three times a day, long after he felt he was doing better and asked to be released. ‘I started asking them, “Please, do not give me any more drugs,” because I was already feeling good,’ Delgado-Concepcion said.

. . . [His cousin Joanne Concepcion] contacted the [FOX31] Problem Solvers last week after she said the hospital was refusing to pass messages to her cousin, who has no other family members in the continental United States. ‘I know that they’ve been what we call in the medical field “blocking.” They’ve been blocking our efforts to contact and communicate with him and find out how he’s being treated in there,’ Concepcion said. The 51-year-old is a psychiatric and substance abuse nurse for a behavioral health unit in Texas and said she began to suspect her cousin was being held against his will for unethical reasons. ‘I suspect that they’re extending his stay here so that they can keep on using his insurance until it expires at the end of the month,’ she said.

Concepcion said the hospital finally told her last week her cousin would be discharged on the morning of Sunday, Nov. 12. But after driving from Fort Worth, Texas, she said hospital staff refused to release him. ‘Sure enough, they said, “Oh, well he claimed that he was going to hurt himself.” And I said, “Well, who heard him say that? What nurse documented that? What was his plan?” . . .’ When Concepcion asked to speak to her cousin’s doctor, the hospital instead called the police and accused of her trespassing . . .

Less than 15 hours later, following a phone call and email from the Problem Solvers to Centennial Peaks Hospital, Delgado-Concepcion was released into the custody of his cousin, Joanne Concepcion, at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 14.”

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  1. I worked at this hosputal about a year ago as an RN. It was horrible for the staff and the clients. They had a client death while I worked there. Clients were given wrong medications and overmedicated causing patients to be sent out. Clients were put in harms daily. sexual assaults were common in this hospital on a regular basis. Also was client on staff attacks. They regularly accepted clients that they were not equipped to manage. Doctors regularly didn’t answer when they were on call. Staffing was horrible and patient rights were violated everyday. This clients experience was not uncommon. It has been going on for years. The hospital has been reported by clients and staff. It is a very unsafe facility for everyone.

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  2. Unfortunately, this is not the exception to the rule. I knew it was about insurance. There are so many indigent who are in psych wards without insurance. They kept Jonathan for financial reasons.

    Tragically, they release (push out) those without insurance prematurely.

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    • So sad that if you can’t pay, you can’t stay. Our nation is as bad as it’s ever been. No one cares if you have no money or insurance to pay your bill or get some food. It’s a rich man’s world and the poor are just here to suffer. And how can they keep someone longer than they need to so as to benefit financially from it? That’s so wrong and is really kinda scary. The experience could even be traumatizing to some.

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  3. The financial incentives create this issue. Those without family are preyed upon. Accuse anyone of harm to self or others (or both) and it becomes a “he said, she said” issue.

    This State of Colorado did revoke the license of one bad actor – documented in Rob Wiponds book “Your Consent Is Not Required: The Rise in Psychiatric Detentions, Forced Treatment, and Abusive Guardianships” (Track 14 – 8 minutes in … a whistle blower came forward).

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  4. All our politicians have to do is implement a citizens review board that has jurisdiction over everything then we could instantly stop and prosecute these rogue judges rogue police officers rogue prosecutors rogue doctors
    rogue corporations rogue insurance companies from doing what they want to do very simple after all the people are the most powerful branch of government of the four branches of government

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  5. A hospital in florida kept me for 9 days for something I wasn’t even sent there for. They put my life at risk I have copd on oxygen, CHF and HFpEF both are types of heart failure. I got seriously ill they sent me to a legit hospital to get checked. My blood work for cardiac were 4x what they should have been. If you find yourself in a situation where you are admitted they do everything to keep you for insurance. They made me sign a paper for voluntary admit after the Dr talked to me. They refused to answer what anything meant with this “voluntary” because I was there against my will. The nurse told me than they take me to court to get a judge to 3 day baker act and the cycle goes on and on going back to court every Thursday. Scared me into signing voluntary. Than after discharged they put a reason that was non applicable to me at all.

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    • I don’t know if the laws regarding Psychiatric Hospitals varies from state to state but where I live ” legally” if you are involuntarily committed then they cannot hold you more than 72 hours ( 3 days) unless you are a danger to yourself or others which of course if they wanted to they could extend that possibility much longer than the initial 72 hours.
      I can tell you from personal experience if the psychiatrist doesn’t feel it is safe for you to leave they can keep you; however I have found that depending on your diagnosis and insurance that may impact your stay. I haven’t personally been kept longer than they felt it was necessary unless it was to wait for making arrangements where to go afterwards but I can tell you that more often than not they don’t keep people if their insurance runs out. They simply release them and they end up on the streets or back in the hospital.
      Many of the homeless in our country suffer from mental illness!!

      This has become problematic all over the country and something needs to be done to help these people!!
      If we can afford to give big tax cuts to the wealthiest people in this country then we SURE AS HELL CAN AFFORD TO HELP OUR MOST VULNERABLE!!

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  6. It must have got bad there because it was not before. I know it must be the admin. going on there, a great doctor left there because of that & he was over the whole hospital at the time. I was treated well there & staff was fine then. Although I did file against Luthern because of a power wielding, discriminating head doc there. I’m glad this person was able to get help & be released and thank God for his family member.

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