How Woman’s Dramatic Escape From NHS Psychiatric Care Exposed ‘Scandal’ of Sex Abuse Complaints


From Sky News: “Alexis Quinn entered psychiatric care after a family tragedy.

The former British youth swimmer and mother could never have imagined that her three-day admission would turn into a more than three-year ordeal.

Then undiagnosed with autism, Alexis descended to the darkest reaches of locked-in, psychiatric ‘care,’ making complaints of sexual assault, before plotting a daring escape overseas.

Patient 11 – a new joint podcast from Sky News and The Independent – investigates her escape from psychiatric ‘care,’ which has now exposed a catalogue of sexual abuse and harassment complaints in NHS England care.

Alexis’s actions would not only pit her against the police and some of the most powerful institutions in the state, but ultimately bring to light nearly 20,000 sexual abuse and harassment complaints across more than 30 NHS England mental health trusts.”

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  1. Immensely powerful and compelling podcasts.

    Thanks to all those whose courage has so powerfully documented such abuse of power and intense, extended suffering in the psychiatric detention centres which are euphemistically and inappropriately called ‘hospitals’.

    Even though I have seen misdiagnosis of akathisia due to inappropriately prescribed SSRIs leading to ‘section’ aka – incarceration, forced drugging; multiple systems iatrogenic injuries and cascade iatrogenesis via ADRs* — (misdiagnosed sequentially as ‘serious mental illness’ and resulting in serial incarceration where there was no mental illness whatsoever):
    This record of suffering leaves me profoundly moved.

    How many thousands have endured similar inhumanity?

    * Adverse Drug Reactions – ADRs.

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  2. I haven’t heard this podcast yet, but can only assume that there will be a pattern which I can recognise from my own experience.

    Police providing material assistance to criminals, fraud, slander, attempts to silence witnesses with threats and intimidation, attempts at political ‘unintended negative outcomes’…… and the reason I might recognise these things? Because I note nearly ALL of the people who were involved in the vicious attack on my family and myself were people who came FROM the NHS to Australia.

    One can only assume that the reason they needed to head ‘down under’ was because their abuses had been exposed in their ‘homeland’, and the government could hardly do anything other than ensure they resigned their position, and moved them elsewhere? Much like the Churches with their abuser’s?

    The threats from the Operations Manager (from Nottingham) to “fucking destroy” me and my family and which was carried out quite easily with Police assistance a thing of beauty, as long as your not the target of such abuses. I’ve no idea how many notches she has on her ‘handle’, but this was someone well versed in the use of the system to ‘destroy’ people. And I’ve no doubt that the State encourages such behaviour, whilst publicly condemning it (see the comment above by Retired Physician)

    And with regards your question Birdsong….”It’s hard to think of where Alexis Quinn would be today if she hadn’t had people help her escape.” The same place they had arranged for me with a cocktail of benzos and ‘harvested’ morphine, a wooden box 6 foot under ground. Quite an artform to make such political assassination’s look like mental health screw ups (not that such screw ups are unexpected given their record of abysmal failures). And it’s not like the Police are going to do anything about it when their slave masters in Government demand they turn a blind eye.

    Look forward to hearing the podcast

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