The degree of love: Six semesters and the Convocation Day by Navratra

What if couples celebrate pose day instead of rose day? Teaching each other how to stand in
front of the camera could be the best way to show love, most of the loyal but dumb people
(like me) in this world fall in depression (instead of love) when their partners ask them to make
a romantic gesture and……you know what happens…
….after seeing our hilarious or horrible pictures our partners think, “Is this witch that fairy I fell

And what about celebrating nose day instead of propose day, praising each others’ nose and
its shape? It might sound weird initially but you will realise its importance when your partner
will praise that shape of your nose which you hated from the very first day you saw yourself
in the mirror.

Imagine your partner falling for your fleshy nose, when you always prayed for making it a bit
Though it might be the reason of your break up (like mine), if your very honest partner says
“Button nose looks so charming on girls, right sweetheart?”……”Well!”….

Chocolate and teddy day are fine, if and only if, you are sure that your partner will continue
loving even if you transform into a cutesy teddy bear after eating a lot of chocolates…

Anyways, don’t you feel this entire concept of Valentine’s week is conspired in such a way
that people could open heartedly enjoy the next seven days of Anti-Valentine’s week, like if
your partner clears all the six semesters successfully (after struggling desperately for
analysing some deep, unrhymed poetry of love, which an opium addicted poet have written)
then s/he is eligible for the Valentine’s degree otherwise sit for the back papers…. isn’t it!?


We always celebrate the Valentine’s week and express our love to our beloved in kind of a same way. But what about having a twist in the same? After all nothing can change a strong bond and weak bonds are made for Anti-Valentine’s week!


Navratra is a young writer and artist based at Jaipur, India. Her works have been published in various national and international journals and she loves writing spontaneously on various subjects according to her observation.

Poet’s Instagram: @nek_naami


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