“The novel came out like a fire inside me” – Interview with Silvina Lupión Avivar

From Mad in Argentina: I was going through a moment in my life where everything was very complex and difficult for me. But suddenly it came out like a fire inside me in which I needed to pour out what was happening to me, what I was feeling and I did it by grabbing a pen. Over time I realized that I was writing like crazy and the pages were filling up and I was looking for pages where I didn’t have any because at that time I didn’t even have a notebook to keep everything neatly organized. Reaching almost the end of the novel, I wonder why I did this, what the objective is. For me it was a relief, I couldn’t imagine a short novel. So there I thought that it could be useful to someone with a mental illness or to a family member who is not noticing certain alarms that go off when you live with a psychiatric patient. 

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