“Cruelty became fashionable” by Gabriel Hereñú

From Mad in Argentina: “Cruelty became fashionable, / you enjoy other people’s pain, /that is your own pain projected onto others, /that does not relieve you, nor repair, / It only reinforces it towards your own interior and rots you more, / no one cures pain with pain, /no one improves with cruelty, /with impiety, brutality that dehumanizes, / but the power to not leave you alone feeling it, / It’s like a bomb that after exploding, /throws splinters everywhere”

Read full English translation here. 


  1. So you mean those who sing, a song I heard today, that goes:

    “You’ve gotta be cruel to be kind, in the right measure
    Cruel to be kind, it’s a very good sign
    Cruel to be kind, means that I love you, baby
    (You’ve gotta be cruel)
    You gotta be cruel to be kind”

    were wrong?

    “In the right measure” is likely the truth in that song, and all artists are NOT evil, as the DSM deluded psychologists, psychiatrists, and too many of their religious “partners,” seem to believe – since the paternalistic Western religions have zero budget for the visual arts today, and empty walls in their 150 year old churches, which proves this is NOT a short run societal problem.

    At least from the perspective of one who had to report a cruel, attempted thieving from widows in his church, systemic child abuse covering up, ‘doubting Thomas’ psychologist from my ex-religion, to the police – a delusions of grandeur filled psychologist, who literally told me the “mental health professionals” should neurotoxic poison my innocent child, merely for being smart, “to maintain the status quo” … the “pedophile empire?”


    Hopefully, I did help that psychologist to overcome his staggering ego (according to most the women in his church), “in the right measure” … so he can some day awaken to his true self, and overcome – his staggering in scope, egomaniac – God complex.

    By the way, any government who gave the right – to play judge, jury, and executioner, to non-criminals, outside the law – to any industry … is a corrupt government. And, sadly, that includes all Western governments today. And sadly, it has resulted in staggering in scope, egomaniac, God complexes, in some psychologic, psychiatric, and religious “professionals” today.

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