Debunking the Myths About Depression and Antidepressants


From EmpowerUAmerica: “Listen in as EmpowerU host Michael Mercier interviews psychologist and author Bruce E. Levine regarding the problem of depression in America. He addresses the characteristics of American society that are contributing to widespread depression, the shift from therapy to pharmaceutical treatment methods, the pharmaceutical industry’s involvement in this shift, the research on the effectiveness and side-effects of antidepressants, alternative approaches that psychiatry could take to treat depression, and what cultural changes might also have a positive impact.”


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  1. What is interesting regarding the reason ‘way back when’ when GP’s referred out to psychiatrists rather than prescribe themselves and why it changed.

    It changed for many reasons but a key reason was because Pfizer realised drug sales would increase if they could help GP’s feel more confident to prescribe them during a criminally insufficient brief consultation.

    In order to help GP’s feel better about this Pfizer instructed marketing man Howard Kroplick to come up with an idea. His idea was a tick box questionnaire which eventually led to Spitzer again with funding from Pfizer to design the PHQ9 and the rest is history.

    This 9 item check box has probably led to more needless ‘diagnoses’ of ‘depression’ and prescribing of drugs than anything in history. Research shows the PHQ9 and GAD7 inflate the likelihood of getting the label depression or GAD by double or triple.

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