News from Lapland and the Lapland Welfare Area, Finland

From Mad in Finland: Before the Lapland welfare region, public health and social services were organized in the region by the hospital districts of Lapland and Western North, as well as municipalities, of which there are a total of 21 in the Lapland region. The formation of the welfare region enables the strategic control of publicly organized social and health services in the Lapland region in a new way. Publicly organized basic health care, specialized hospital care and social services came under the strategic control of the same organization with the welfare area, and service production is multi-channel. In addition to welfare region-level policy and strategic guidance, national legislation and financial, information, and content guidance guide the organization of services. A significant part of the social security service system, on the other hand, was also left out of strict control. In connection with social security reform, it is logical that the operating methods of mental health and addiction services are also unified.

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