Don’t call me a therapist

From Mad in Norway: Psychology as a field of knowledge is closer to philosophy than medicine, and is far from being a precise, scientific discipline. Descriptions of causal relationships and selection of “evidence-based” approaches are little more than qualified guesswork with a certain statistical probability of hitting the target. Qualities and characteristics of individual stories cannot be operationalized and quantified with any form of precision or objective neutrality. The psychiatric diagnosis is a medical theoretical construct with limited epistemic validity. Psychiatric diagnoses are hypotheses and not proof of the existence of real diseases.

Read the full article here and English translation here. 


  1. “I’m not a therapist. I am only a conversational partner with certain, specific knowledge that can sometimes be very useful. Conversations can be encouraging, give hope and motivation, increased acceptance or possible alternatives for action.” – Sensible man.

    Good that there is at least someone in this world in the mental health profession who understands this and thinks this way.

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