Morbid states, body wear and tear in contemporary life. Conversation with Dresden E. Méndez de la Brena (Part 1)

From Mad in Mexico: In her book Morbid States, Dresda Méndez opens up the possibility of thinking about bodily pain beyond individualization, thinking about it not only from the medical causes, but as a result of policies and social systems that make pain chronic, that hold the person responsible and They isolate her in her discomfort; It is from her work with women with fibromyalgia that Dresda leads us to think about the possibility of politicizing pain, of creating new languages ​​and means to think about our pain, while at the same time conveying the possibility of demanding that the State assume responsibility. of those living conditions that have pushed us towards the chronification of our pain.

Morbid States are those that want us tired, that want us sick, those that make it impossible for us to demand and reduce us to exploitable and consuming bodies.

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