What is reality disturbance?

From Mad in Finland: In the ward, I once talked with a fellow patient who felt that he could heal people with his touch. He described several such situations. It was hard to quite believe or understand, but still, there are many people who believe that it can be done, there are many people who even pay to see such a healer. Is everyone’s sense of reality distorted? Who gets to decide what is true? You remember the chainsaw juggler, who was interpreted by a psychiatrist to be delusional when he invented such a profession for himself. It wasn’t, but forced treatment was ordered from these speeches anyway. Time travel is studied in physics, and mind reading is studied in brain research. However, there are delusions, from the point of view of psychiatry. However, it is certain that not all the phenomena of the world and physics are really, still understood. It is impossible to know what we do not already know with the help of different sciences.

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