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From Beyond Meds: Alternatives to Psychiatry: “I have bartonella (one of the bacteria most frequently associated with lyme disease). I also have tardive dyskinesia. In western medicine dyskinesia is associated with infection when it’s not associated with a psych drug history, psychosis and neuroleptic drugs. In the article I wrote for Mad in America I speak to some of what I think is happening with tardive dyskinesia. There is good reason to consider what I’m saying.

A new study reveals there is indeed an association with bartonella infection and that which gets labeled psychosis. There is a long list of other supporting science at the end of the article on Mad in America as well. I’ve been connecting the dots for a long time. Tardive dyskinesia is also associated with bartonella in that dyskinesias are symptomatic of bartonella.”

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  1. Disease is an undermining of health, meaning harmony, meaning homeostasis including the immune system, on the physical level. But this is parallelled on other levels of consciousness, and you have to link these things. What you call ‘psychosis’ in the negative sense you are talking about is the undermining of mental and emotional harmony, which means homeostasis including the mental and emotional immune systems. Now what are these immune systems? The immune system is ever vigilant, when it’s healthy, for pathogens, viruses, cancers or bacteria. Physical stress undermines the harmony and unity of the immune system by overburdening it, and then pathogens get in. The mind is ever vigilant, when its healthy, for falsehoods, deceptions, and coercians of the mind. An inundation of psychic or mental attacks, such as persecutory psychosis, overburdens this defence mechanism of the mind and then these mental pathogens get in. The heart is ever vigalent, when it is healthy, for dark impulses, violent or lustful urges, or fears that make us escape from reality into non-realities. An inundation of emotional reactions to an intolerable social and psychological environment mean these darknesses spill into us, and they are the voices of forgotten children lost in illusion, the voices of the dead, the black milk of painful existence, and they have no loyalty to life.

    There are many layers of consciousness, including the intellectual, emotional, creative/sexual, survival/defensive, and going up beyond the intellectual, the philosophical/musical/poetical, the intuitive and psychic, the karmic and spiritual, and the God like eye of awareness which, actually, is all we ever really are. Everything else is a fleeting and eternally changing flux of instants.

    Carry a bottle of vodka into the sun, and lie down on the beach to see the sunset: and then when it’s dark, you be throwing suns at the night.

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  2. From the article linked in the Beyond Meds piece:

    “The other significant finding was that the frequency of positive antibody tests for Bartonella infection was not significantly different for the controls versus the individuals with psychosis; this suggests that exposure to Bartonella is common in the general population and that reliance on serologic test results alone can be misleading.”

    I wonder if this means that people with psychosis have a lot of stress that suppresses their immune system so they’re less able to fight off infections such as Bartonella than the general population. There wasn’t much difference in Bartonella exposure; but some were able to fight it off while others weren’t.

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  3. I do appreciate that you submitted this testimony. I value your voice. I wish I had had more personal agency to be the voice for my daughter when she needed me to do that the most. Your story will be very helpful to others I believe, if we make sure that we circulate it.

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  4. We’re lanced in the head creatures: we suffer the brain disease of social historical ossification, entrenchment, neurological adaptation, shaping of the thinking and the life activity, shaping and pushing us into production line human beings. I want to tell you, I want to tell you, but look – what is happening to our words. They go from graveyard to graveyard hunting ghosts to service their debts to the graveyard man.

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  5. Pretty obvious that mind drugs especially steal energy- and energy keeps you well..or lack of it- not in reality your adding not well regardless of what anyone can say…poison- is poison- and ya cant change that- well you can – if your not their prisoner.

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