For Migrant Workers in India, Healing and Well-Being are About Relationships

From Mad in South Asia: Researchers Sangeeta Yadav and Kumar Ravi Priya of Jindal Global University and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, conducted a study to understand how migrant workers in Delhi and Kanpur understand healing and well-being. The researchers set foot in Delhi and Kanpur to interview 40 migrant workers working in domestic labor or manual labor in factories or industries. They found that the way migrant workers experienced healing was influenced by multiple socio-cultural factors. Their understanding of well-being focused on the values of family and community relationships during distressing times. In other words, for migrant workers, peace of mind was relational, such as knowing that their children will be provided for. Healing was often about being able to fulfil one’s social roles and responsibilities towards others, such as taking care of one’s parents.

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