The Suspension of Psychopharmaceuticals – Sensitization or Kindling Reactions

From Mad in Italy: In our information we always underline that psychotropic drugs do not have a specific action on mental problems or psychopathology, but only on their symptoms. Mental problems have relational, cultural and social origins and should be addressed from this point of view, primarily with psychotherapeutic and social interventions , limiting the use of psychotropic drugs to very short periods, when strictly necessary. Psychopharmacology teaches us that psychotropic drugs act on the symptoms of mental suffering as psychoactive substances by altering cognitive and emotional functions, sedating and creating emotional dullness or an artificial increase in mood . To clarify this concept better, “psychosis”, “depression”, “anxiety”, “bipolar disorder”, “ADHD” and more are not disorders of organic or genetic origin , caused by “imbalances”. brain chemicals and psychotropic drugs do not have the function of restoring any balance.

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