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Private Film Screening & Discussion of Bay St. Healer

January 17, 2023

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Please join Mad in America for a private film screening of “Bay St. Healer,” followed by a discussion and Q&A with director-producer Jonathan Balazs and the main subject of the documentary, Dr. Gordon Warme.

In this film, Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Gordon Warme states, “It's stupid to pathologize life," reflecting on the thousands of hours he has devoted to assessing patient problems. As a doctor, he sees no evidence that their troubles are caused by faulty brains. “Bay St. Healer” is the latest film by director-producer Jonathan Balazs examining the life and writings of Dr. Warme. Balazs crafts hypnotizing narratives with revealing interviews, expressive animations, and a contemplative bevy of archival media. With unconventional insights, Dr. Warme resists the temptation to simplify human experience in pursuit of “healing,” revealing himself as a doctor who, instead of theorizing about patients, is a participant in "one of countless rituals that give relief to humans."

View the "Bay St. Healer" trailer here.

Private Film Screening & Discussion of Bay St. Healer

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