Does It Matter if We Believe in Mental Illness?

It's clear that different people relate to the idea of "mental illness" and labeling differently. Many people find the experience of being diagnosed with...

Bipolar? When Quitting is the Answer

Whether it’s the Nurtured Heart Approach, or any other method that’s truly up to the task, we need these effective strategies and ways of thinking to be more widespread so we can lessen the pitfalls of the medical model’s limited prospective which has no idea of how to turn intense into immensely great.

Brain Science Doesn’t Explain All

In an essay in the Sydney Morning Herald, a psychiatrist explores how the same blind faith in reductionist economic models that lead to a global...

Diagnosing Conflict-of-Interest Disorder

Article by Lisa Cosgrove from June, 2010 reviewing conflicts of interest related to the DSM. Article →                 ...

DSM Panels Rife With Conflicts of Interest

Safeguards ostensibly put in place to ensure "a transparent process of development for the DSM," and an "unbiased, evidence-based DSM, free from any conflicts...

100% Of DSM Schizophrenia and Mood Disorder “Experts” Have Ties to Drug Companies

A 2006 study in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics finds that 100% of schizophrenia and mood disorder experts and over 80% of other experts advising...

The Lancet Weighs in on DSM-V “Grief-as-Illness.”

In a lead editorial, The Lancet took the position that the proposed revision to the DSM that would modify the exclusion for bereavement "is not...

Criticism of the DSM Goes Mainstream

Criticism of the upcoming revision of the DSM has gone mainstream, with Forbes Magazine weighing in on the economics of medicalizing grief, and Fox News questioning the...

African-Americans More Likely to be Diagnosed Schizophrenic

In a study of 610 psychiatric inpatients and outpatients from six academic medical centers across the United States, African Americans were almost three times...

Psychosis is Not Unique to Schizophrenia

In a sample of 3021 adolescents and young adults with anxiety or depression, Dutch researchers found that 27% also had one or more psychotic symptoms. Read...

No Long-Term Efficacy For A.D.D. Medication

L. Alan Sroufe, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, writes in the New York Times Sunday Review that there is no...

Early Trauma, Social Stress Accompany Psychosis

Researchers at Emory University find that childhood trauma, sensitivity to psychosocial stress and a heightened biological response to stress are associated with the onset...

Evidence That Sadness When Bereaved is Not Illness

While the DSM-IV recognizes that depressive symptoms are sometimes normal in bereaved individuals, this "Bereavement Exclusion" is targeted for elimination from the DSM-V. However...

Wired Magazine on the DSM and Allen Frances

Article from Wired magazine in 2010 about Allen Frances, lead editor of the DSM-IV, and his criticism of both the DSM-IV and the upcoming DSM-5. Article →