Monday, March 27, 2023

“Downstream Drugs: Big Pharma’s Big Water Woes”

Writing for GreenBiz, Elizabeth Grossman reports on research on the increasing amounts of pharmaceuticals making their way into the environment. “They report on opiods, amphetamines and other pharmaceuticals found in treated drinking water; antibiotics in groundwater capable of altering naturally occurring bacterial communities; and over-the-counter and prescription drugs found in water leeching from municipal landfills.”

“Does Air Pollution Cause Dementia?”

-Mother Jones examines the growing body of research implicating air pollution in dementia.

Environmental Neurotoxins and Autism

-A discussion of some of the links that have been found between neurotoxins polluting the environment and higher risks of developing autistic symptoms.

Researchers Discover How Plastic Contaminants Cause Brain Changes and Hyperactivity

Researchers believe they have found "the smoking gun" that links common contaminants leaching from plastics to "adverse brain development and hyperactivity."

New Resource Guide on Health and Mental Health Threats from Endocrine Disruptor Pollutants

The Endocrine Society and the global organization of non-profits IPEN have jointly released a new guide documenting the threats that endocrine-disrupting chemicals pose to...

Changing Society’s Whole Approach to ‘Psychosis’

Fifteen years ago this month we were sitting together in the basement of Peter’s house. We had felt a sense of despair at the widespread misinformation and atrocious stereotypes that were dominating media coverage of mental health at the time. We felt that our profession had a responsibility to challenge these stereotypes, and that as psychologists we had something unique to contribute. That was the time when research into the psychology of psychosis was beginning to burgeon, and many of our findings challenged not only the stereotypes but – perhaps more significantly - much ‘accepted wisdom’ within mental health services as well.

Farming with Pesticides Linked to Increased Suicidal Depression

Exposure to pesticides is linked to significant increases in suicidal depression in farmers, according to a study by US National Institute of Health researchers...