“Downstream Drugs: Big Pharma’s Big Water Woes”


Writing for GreenBiz, Elizabeth Grossman reports on research on the increasing amounts of pharmaceuticals making their way into the environment.  “They report on opiods, amphetamines and other pharmaceuticals found in treated drinking water; antibiotics in groundwater capable of altering naturally occurring bacterial communities; and over-the-counter and prescription drugs found in water leeching from municipal landfills.”

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  1. As one who doesn’t react well to the pharmacutical drugs, and can no longer drink city water without feeling ill, thus I’ve found myself required to purchase distilled water. I truly believe this problem may end up being much more detrimental to the environment, and humanity, than we currently realize.

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    • The wild life will evolve eventually and possibly to our detriment – we already have a huge issue with antibiotic resistance. It’s only one tiny part of how we are destroying the very world we need to keep intact to survive. Tell me about cutting the branch you’re sitting on.

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      • Absolutely, our society has swung way too far towards belief in science (or “left brain” thinking), to the extent that we are ignoring, or dismissing as “delusions” or “psychosis” anything that is from the spiritual, non-material, or creative (“right”) side of the brain – despite what the quantum physicists are finding about the true nature of reality on the quantum level.

        And much of the science (like the psycho / pharmacutical industries’ research, which is the root cause of the potential long run environmental issues mentioned in this article) is proving now to be fraudulent.

        Historically, when there is a balance of societal respect for both the scientific (or so called “masculine”) and spiritual (or so called “feminine”) within this world, there exists a much more harmonious state on the planet. Right now this planet is way out of balance, to the extend that if we do not correct this societal belief system (as opposed to individual brain “chemical”) imbalance, we may destroy both the planet, and humanity as a whole.

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