Are We “Plastic People”?

-How are learnings in epigenetics re-defining human bodies and brains, and what does that mean for our ideas about "normalcy"?

Researchers Faked Data on Epigenetics of Bipolar Disorder

The British Journal of Psychiatry has issued a retraction of an article purporting to have identified evidence of the epigenetic aspects of bipolar disorder,...

“Behaviour and Biology: The Accidental Epigeneticist”

Nature tells of Richard Tremblay, who explores the effects of trauma and aggression on the life course — and beyond, through the influence of epigenetics. Article →

The Latest Gene Finding Claim in Psychiatry

On February 28th, the New York Times reported the latest psychiatric disorder “gene finding” claim in an article entitled “5 Disorders Share Genetic Risk Factors, Study Shows,” The Times reporter described a study that claimed to have identified shared genes associated with five psychiatric disorders: autism spectrum disorder, attention/deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia. We have seen thousands of such claims in psychiatry since the 1960s, and we have also seen that these claims do not survive replication attempts.

Effects of Stress Can Cross Generations

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have found, for the first time, that genes affected by stress during life can be passed to the...

The Genetics of Depression: “Look to the Environment”

A comprehensive review of research on the genetics of depression up to 2012, published online today by Psychological Bulletin, finds "a continued lack of...

Antidepressants Cause Autism-Like Gene Expression in Fish

Prozac, Effexor, and/or carbamazepine induce gene expression patterns in the brains of fathead minnows that mimic those thought to be associated with autism in...

Search for Schizophrenia Gene Marches On

In a study released June 6, 2012 through the online journal Behavioral and Brain Functions, researchers from Japan acknowledge that "the results of association...