Thursday, May 6, 2021

“Psychotic Symptoms in Children on Stimulants. What are the Implications for the Clinician?”

“A little background digging revealed to me that this study is the tip of a new iceberg relative to ADHD diagnosis, stimulant treatment, and...

Labels Initiates Core Social Support, Lose Peripheral Ties

Article Abstract: Although research supports the stigma and labeling perspective, empirical evidence also indicates that a social safety net remains intact for those with mental...

Adderall Blamed for Leap into Tiger’s Den

The mother of a man charged with trespassing for leaping from a monorail into a tiger's den at the Bronx Zoo, where he was...

Understanding Madness as Revolution, Then Working Toward Peace

While some will frame Eleanor Longden’s story, told in her awesome TED video (which has now been viewed about 1/2 million times!), as the triumph of an individual struggling against “mental illness,” I believe the story might better be seen as a refutation of the whole “illness of the mind” metaphor, and as an indication of a desperate need for a new paradigm.

“A Nonbeliever Tries To Make Sense Of The Visions She Had As A Teen”

"People have these unaccountable mystic experiences," Barbara Ehrenreich tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about her new book, Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever's Search...

“The Whisper Whisperers”

-Newsweek visits the Hearing Voices Network.

Sunday Morning Channel: “Has Psychiatry Silenced God?”

-The Edinburgh International Book Festival hosted a discussion exploring religious beliefs, creative inspiration, and whether hearing "the voice of God" should be regarded as a symptom of mental illness.

Challenges and Visions for the “Mental Heatlh” System

I envision a world where there is no need for a mental health field/system because communities are strong and we have a holistic understanding...

Hallucination in the General Population

Investigating the prevalence and types of hallucination-like experiences (HLEs) in a sample of 437 young adults, researchers in Italy, Belgium, the U.K. and Denmark found...

Letters to the Editor: “The Treatment of Choice”

Readers respond to the New York Times article, “The Treatment of Choice,” about innovative programs for psychosis and schizophrenia that involve patients and their families in treatment decisions. “Narratives of success counter a drumbeat of faulty links of mental illness and violence, inaccuracies which serve only to further stigmatize and isolate individuals with psychiatric illness.”

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