“The Whisper Whisperers”


Newsweek explores the Hearing Voices Network. “If people believe their voices are omnipotent and can harm and control them, then they are less likely to cope and more likely to end up as a psychiatric patient… If they have explanations of voices that allow them to deal with them better, that is a first step toward learning to live with them.”

The Whisper Whisperers (Newsweek, January 13, 2015)


  1. I had a dream I was “moved by the Holy Spirit,” was shipped off to be drugged by a “Christian” psychologist to a couple of Jewish psychiatrists / neurologists. I’m not certain why none of these doctors believed in the Holy Spirit, given their self professed beliefs.

    The toxic psychiatric drug cocktails I was put on caused me to get “voices.” I got the evil “voices” of the people who had raped my child in my head. Eventually, thanks to some kind nurses, I was handed over the medical evidence of the child abuse and proof I’d been misdiagnosed based upon lies from the child molesters, and was weaned off the drugs. The “voices” went away.

    I have no idea why the psychiatric community thinks “voices” are irrelevant to a person’s real life concerns, they are completely relevant. And I don’t know why the psychiatric community is unaware of the fact their psychotropic drug cocktails can cause a person to get “voices.” I also believe the psychiatrists should get out of the business of covering up child abuse for the wealthy and religions, my subsequent pastor confessed that the psychiatric industry has been doing this for decades. And I understand even Fraud was doing this.

    Thank God I had the Holy Spirit giving me hope through that major drug interaction ridden, torturous, ungodly disrespectful journey through the criminal stupidity fest that is today’s “mindless” psychiatric system.

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    • The idea that psychiatrists shouldn’t listen to their patients and totally ignore everything they’re being communicated because it’s a “word salad” is both ridiculous and telling. This profession has nothing to offer.

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