My Peer Service Work

My work in peer service stems from the giving back to my community, yes, but it’s more than that. I do it because I can’t do anything else. I love this work. I love consumer 1:1 contact and prefer to be in the background otherwise because I don’t like attention.

New Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care Project in the Works

The Collaborative Pathways project at Advocates, Inc. in Framingham, MA has received an FEMHC grant to develop and evaluate their highly innovative new program....

“Aurora: Shrouded in Myths”

So who is James Holmes and why did he do what he did? Is he a lone wolf psycho or a lone psychopath who...

The Hidden Gorilla

Three weeks ago What would Batman do Now covered the issue of suicide in the military – an issue that had Batman missing in action, and...

Coming Off Medications Guide – Second Edition – Free Download

The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, written by Will Hall and published by The Icarus Project and Freedom Center five years...

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Breaking the Silence

It’s time to speak about what is happening with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the United States. I have been...

Are the Olympics Harder than Mental Health Recovery?

I competed in the 1996 Olympics in Judo before I got sucked into the mental health system. I got sucked in due to a...

Community Dialogues for Recovery and Wellness

The National Empowerment Center is promoting a new initiative called "Community Dialogues for Recovery and Wellness." These dialogues are designed to bring together people...

Peer Respite Centers and Medication Free Madness Sanctuaries: Why We Need Them Both Very...

Yana Jacobs and I both served at medication free madness sanctuaries. She at Soteria House and I at I-Ward. In this television interview, Yana...

One Script to Rule Them All

The marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies focus in on the ring-bearers just as the Eye of Sauron focused in on Gollum and later Frodo. Once the Eye fixes on a ring-bearer, it hypnotizes him into submission. If any demur, it directs its Black Riders (Medical Academics) to enforce compliance with its Will.


The hospital rep brought Kristina into the hearing room, a windowless cubicle so crowded there was barely room for them to get to the...

Conquering Benign Paternalism

On Wednesday, July 18, the Heritage Foundation sponsored a forum entitled “How to Bring Sanity to our Mental Health System.” It featured Dr. E....

It’s Not Just the Drugs; Misinformation Used to Push Drugs Can Also Make Mental...

I was recently talking with a young man about his anxiety, which he experiences as extreme.  When I asked him what the anxiety was...

Free Blog Ideas

Right now I am working on the Connect Power site build to make an underground railroad to help people out of the mental health...

“Unfortunate experiments” in New Zealand and Minnesota

Carl Elliott writes on the discrepancy between New Zealand's response to a research scandal - which lead to a national debate and dramatic reforms - and the silence following clinical trial scandals in the U.S.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Reignition

Silent hours unfolded as I devoured the words, a symphonic consciousness crescendoing as door after door of new awareness opened inside of me.  It...

Can Its New Board President Turn NAMI Around?

“The word is out!” That was Dr. Keris Myrick’s reaction when she was elected earlier this month as the new president of NAMI’s Board...

Billing the Victims of Unethical Medical Research

Imagine for a moment that you are seriously injured in a medical research study and require expensive medical care.   Imagine further that the study...

A Child on the Shock Ward

"I was six years old, and so, finally, all the symptoms of my supposed mental illness ... especially, being born to a crazy mother, came to a head. And now I was officially a schizophrenic, proving that the disease was inherited."

A Collective Human Potential Movement

A Mental Health Recovery Movement is a good start, but frankly I am more interested in a movement that uses the language of “transformation," a movement that recognizes the powerful of our collective potential to transform the world, that isn’t willing to compromise our visions of a better world, has the ability to capture many people’s imaginations, and is capable of building coalitions across many boundaries.

Are There Gifts In and From Our Madness That Our Culture Needs to Not...

Do we bring gifts to our family and community that are born of suffering but infused with spirit? Has our madness been in vain,...

The Triumph of Bad Science

If we want to understand how our society may end up deluded about the merits of psychiatric medications, we can look at the research...

Site Updates and Posting Policy

Shortly after Mad In America launched at the beginning of the year I was invited to take over the site’s web development and to...

How Effective are Neuroleptic Drugs?

Robert Whitaker has raised questions about the problems with long term exposure to antipsychotic drugs but recent research raises questions about their efficacy in the short run.

Teenagers on SSRIs

Last week, the Wall Street Journal has an article titled The Medication Generation by Katherine Sharpe which questioned the fact that a large number of teenagers are...