Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • Bradford I think we all have different way of getting through our pain. I’m sure that I will get through my anger. It is already much less than it was. My memory of Luise is what is important to me. And I don’t cling to my pain and anger. But it slowly get less and less important. But I don’t want to forgive that they killed my daughter.

  • Thank you for you consoling words. I am afraid that the arrogance of the psychiatrists protect them, so most of them don’t feel any regret or anything at all about the people whos life they spoil. I think it is so simple as the joke: what is the difference between a psychiatrist and God. That is that God knows he is not a psychiatrist, but the psychiatrist………
    So we must just keep on telling the normal citizens what is going on in this horrible system. Glad you are there

  • Yes Rachel. Luise needed TLC (tender loving care) and a staff that would listen to her. But you don’t find such qualifications in the psychiatric treatment system. Anyway Luise being in psychiatric treatment was a mistake. She got very ill the very day she met a psychiatrist. She got Malignant neuroleptic syndrom and almost died.
    Then she got psychotic symptoms from the drug that she could not tolerate at all. So it all was a mistake. But I know that so many other people have ended up in psychiatric treatment by mistake exactly like Luise. I know it because many who read the book Dear Luise – a story of power and powerlessness in Denmarks psychiatric care system have contacted me and told me. that Luises story could have been their story or their relatives story.

  • thank you so much Kim. and as I say in an earlier answer. I keep spreding the word in the spirit of Luise. She all the time wanted the two of us to write a book about the inhumane conditions people with psychosocial problems are living under. I’ll continue her wishes til I die.

  • thank you so much Kim. and as I say in an earlier answer. I keep spreding the word in the spirit of Luise. She all the time wanted the two of us together making a book about the inhumane conditions people with psychosocial problems are living under. She didn’t get the chance as she died. But I’ll continue her wishes til I die

  • Thank you so much ‘someone Else’. I’m so glad that at least Luises sad story maybe can help other people. so she didn’t die in vain. I will never get over my loss of my dearest in this life. But I’ll have to live with it. And then it somehow makes me happy that so much discussion has emerged from her sad story. Luise always wanted her and me to tell the world about how the people in psychiatry was treated. Luise never got the change, but I will keep telling about the bad, dangerous and inhuman conditions for people in treatment is and I do it in her spirit. It is as if she sits on my shoulder all the time telling me what to do.

  • Dear BPDTransformation. You are so right it would be a break through if a lawyer would take the case and then fx. get the prove of overmedication and ill-treatment out in the open. That would set up precedent and that would scare the psychiatrists. As it is now, the psychiatrists dont care. They know that nothing happens to them. Never mind what they do. It seems to me, that the authorities don’t care about the welfare of the citizens. That is why a citizens never get through with a complaint about their treatment that does not help them, but only make their problem worse, because of the side effects. The authorities have decided to let the psychiatrist word be the truth. That it even when it can be proved from the hospital records , -that the person who died or whos heart or liver was damaged- that this person had far too much of the strong and dangerous drugs. My experience is that if a citizen make a complaint about ill -treatment in psychiatry, the psychiatrist just has to write a few words about how ill the person in treatment is and then the complaint is turned down. I know about all those cases from talking to many desperate people who feel powerless in the treatment system.
    So yes it would be wonderful if there could be a court case and that it was won, so there would be precedence. That would make the psychiatrists far less arrogant in their using dangerous drugs in huge amounts to ‘cure’ any psychosocial problem. Maybe they could even start talking to their ‘patients’?

  • Yes The_cat you are so right about the dual diagnoses. And it is so unjust that withdrawal symptoms should lead into a new diagnosis which again lead to medication with dangerous mind-altering drugs. Withdrawal symptoms are labelled with “bipolar” and medicated as such and often in Denmark anyway with antipsychotics. But another thing is the fact that the drugs in fact gives many person the symptoms of schizophrenia. Persons who maybe just have sought help to fight a different psychosocial problem -it could be anorexia or -as I just heard yesterday from a lady from New York-, her son had a learning problem. Those people seeking help get psychotropics and suddenly they show psychotic symptoms. Those symptoms come from the drugs but the psychiatrist diagnose it as a schizophrenic psychoses and then the drugging starts and the person is caught in this horrible treatment system often for life.

  • You are so right. Our children die because of the very high dosis of psychotropics. My Luise also died because of far too high dosis of this extremely dangerous drugs.
    It is so extremely sad and very wrong, that Emilio Vilmar should die from a heart attack at such a young age. May he rest in piece and lots of thoughts to his family. And now I get very angry. Giving children and young people huge amounts of mind-altering drugs some of which are not even proven safe for children. That is a crime. And I do hope that the responsible will be accused and convicted. That is a weak consolation, I know, as nothing can give back Emilio. But still I do hope so

  • Yes unfortunately you are Right Rachel. The treatment is not for the best of the patient. Sometimes I don’t understand how the psychiatrists. I wonder if they really think that they help people. But I have a feeling that some of them really think that what they do is for the best of people.