Monday, May 10, 2021

Comments by Earl Miller

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  • Unfortunately, it is a very real policy of a local shelter, in fact, the only local shelter that can support people detoxing from opiates. The assumption seems to be that if you have ever taken a psych medication, you are inherently and permanently dangerous.

    I share your hope for the future. It really stinks to see people punished in ways that put them in very real danger for the ways in which people tried to deal with their emotional distress.

  • Thanks for your reply! Privilege plays such a large part in all of these intersecting systems and housing is no different. One of the things that has been reinforced for me is the reality that homelessness alone is a huge trauma and for everyone I have encountered, it was an addition to a long list of traumas. I am optimistic that through our work, we are supporting folks in power to start to see folks as whole people with a present that is informed by the past and deserving of humane and respectful treatment.