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  • Yes, Pamela, unfortunately this may be the case. As mentioned, this is the hardest thing for me about Inner Fire. In an attempt to keep costs as low as possible, some of us are not taking a salary, and my day runs on average 19 hrs.
    The State actually is interested in Inner Fire and has come to visit. We are in a process as I write. I can only do what I can do, no one is getting rich working here at IF and some believe so much in the choice we are offering that they have made sacrifices and left secure jobs with benefits to work here and make the choice available.
    Of course, we must remember people with money actually are also striving human beings and seeking support. So, to begin with we may have only those with money, but we will hopefully draw attention and those who have lost a family member and others with the means may donate to our Support a Seeker fund, knowing it takes a village…
    We just had a graduation of three seekers. It was an incredibly moving experience for all present. One father wrote us:” Inner Fire saved our daughter’s life…: The mother raised money for the program via family, friends and by word of mouth…Let’s be creative, there is money out there. Money must not the reason for some one not to come to Inner Fire. What can we do? The program is needed…
    Maybe contact your representatives…?

    Thank you for your feedback, Pamela.

  • Dear Alex,
    I do apologize for my so long delay ! There is a lot to juggle!

    Reading your story is so inspiring! Thank God you made the choice you did to chose another route.
    As I read, my heart kept opening…and how I smiled when you saw the wisdom in singing! It has so much to do with breathing…

    There definately are other ways of healing: Psychosis has a lot to do with getting stuck in the head. One of our seekers claimed he did not hear voices when he chopped wood…this experience led him to realize he can control his voices…who is in charge?! Our society has also become a head orientated society: sports, art, music left our of most children’s education…we are simply making our children ill by the life they are required to live…but this is a huge discussion.

    The financial situation actually varies for our seekers: one person was awarded money having been wrongly imprisoned for 26 years, another’s mother was remarkable in how she raised the money through friends, family and by word of mouth…. some parents have drawn from their retirement fund…The hardest thing about IF is having to tell people how much it costs; yet the State pays more than twice our rate a day per person and their folks are simply ‘maintained’. They rarely move forward. We have an intentionally designed program and we relate to our seekers with encouragement and belief in the resilience of their creative, human spirit. We do not ‘do’ to people…we are NOT a treatment center… The practical work in the mornings , learning to cook properly, gardening, cleaning all will help with their life change when they leave. These along with the therapies are tools for living a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    I encourage you to keep telling your story, Alex. As you can attest, it is not rocket science, right?!? Thank you for sharing, I am so glad you were catalyzed by my introduction to do so! Perhaps there are others out there who can share and inspire as you have.


  • Dear Friend,
    I apologize for my delayed response.

    I am hoping to get funding with no strings attached, for striving individuals wanting to be proactive in their healing process. I would like Inner Fire to be used as a pilot project for 5 years: 5 seekers being supported each year for 5 years. People will reclaim their lives off disability and free of the mind altering, psychiatric medications, thus saving the State money.
    I am always surprised when Inner Fire is referred to as a “business” for in founding it, my sole intention was to offer a choice, as there is no need for people to take their lives! Of course, not only do we have wonderful and experienced guides and therapists but also overheads, so covering costs is essential, and thus IF is a business…but our intention is simply to offer a choice, based on my years of experience working in Europe and the USA, to help people to reclaim their lives and re-engage in life as motivated and creative, engaged citizens, able to work with the challenges of life, having found their inner strength.

    Of course, once we have raised the money needed to complete the Inner Fire home for 12 seekers, (we aim to use the money we have already raised, ($500,000) to lay the foundation and bring in utilities etc., and Inner Fire is established, I would be very willing to support other similar initiatives to take root… I have spoken with so many people who long for what Inner Fire offers and to be recognized not as a label but as a striving human being. At Inner Fire we refer to individuals as ‘seekers’. There is a beautiful and moving story behind this term…

    One day, insurance might be interested in saving money and supporting deep healing not simply treating/suppressing symptoms.

    Let’s keep talking, claiming our voices and demanding choice. Choice is simply what Inner Fire is about. I have met too many wonderful human being who chose suicide over living their lives in a fog , hardly feeling, unable to think clearly or achieve their aims…this is not living. There are choices!

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and also for your sharing,

  • Thank you, Ron, it is such a heartening experience to support someone who stays engaged in the program while tapering…tis not easy, but pays off in the end. Rather than tucking oneself away wrapped in anxiety, to still call on the forces within oneself to get up and help cook the community meal or dig in the garden to the best of one’s ability, while feeling needed, is so empowering. Gradually the inner strength grows…we are more than our trauma and here at Inner Fire we focus on strengths, and tapping untapped wells. Balancing…

    I am grateful for your encouragement and support,

  • Thank you for sharing.
    My wish is that people will experience how treating each other with respect and honoring each person’s journey~ all this interlaced with love, and I do not mean this sentimentally, but as healing energy, that this approach will spread like wild fire….people are longing for a choice.

    No, the insurance companies are not interested (yet) , but I am hoping that VT DMH will support 5 seekers for 5 years using us as a pilot project and see not only the money they can save but that people will be reclaiming their lives and re-engaging in society.


  • Hello Richard,
    My days begin early and I have little time for blogging, so I will dedicate one morning a week from 5-7 am to respond…so, my apologies for not responding earlier.

    Please do let me know when you are in the area, I would love to show you around and learn from your experience and share insights.
    Phone: 802-221-8051 and you have the web site address.

    Looking forward,

  • Thank you for sharing this. I would be interested in learning about this initiative…

    It seems to me it is all about ‘the resilience of the human spirit’….and ‘being our brother and sister’s keeper’ in the highest sense. We are more than our trauma, as human beings, we are creators rather than victims, though we certainly can feel a victim at times, as we all know.


  • Greetings Nomadic,
    I apologize for my delayed response. Life starts early and I have little time to respond as I would wish to.
    Seekers have been to other ‘rehabs’ and many say they feel safe here for the first time. There is no blame but rather opportunities to discover one’s own strengths, despite the traumas, and move on with life. We can’t change the past but rather, by working in the present, where the past is reflected, we can still grow and move forward. We are more than our traumas! This is a wonderful discovery for many. The therapies help with the digesting and reclaiming process. As one slowly and carefully tapers off their mind altering drugs with the support of a psychiatrist, the soul/spiritual dimension of each of us can be strengthened through the therapeutic and work program. I have witnessed too often, that tapering off, for example, crack or mind altering drugs is not healing in itself, but the building up on a deeper soul/spiritual level is also necessary…otherwise one is left with the raw pain for why one went on all this in the first place.
    There are other wonderful people doing amazing work on the larger political scale…and meanwhile, I and others want to support those whose lives and being compromised by offering them a choice.
    If you have further questions, please do share.
    Thank you, Beatrice

  • Greetings, and I apologize for how long it has taken me to respond. Life starts early here and there is not a lot of free time to respond!

    The comprehensive, therapeutic program costs$11,250 p/month, $135,000 a year. Everyone has their own schedule…we try to keep costs as low as possible while not compromising the program. Some guides are working pro-bono and we are hoping to get state support for individuals. As one parent stated ” we get so much more for our money!” but still we are sorely aware that this, for many is still too much. This is one of the hardest issues to deal with for indeed, healing is a right and should not be a privilege.
    We also have a Support a Seeker Fund, and as we all know, “it takes a village” and we so hope people will donate to this fund, ( tax deductible), to support those striving individuals who long to engage in their healing process. Right now, two possible seekers are hoping for support. Go Fund Me and others take a chunk of the donations and so we are hoping people will donate directly to the SSF.
    Please be in touch if you have further questions.

  • Hello, Richard, and thank you so very much for pointing out the importance of referring rather to mind altering medications/substances, rather than simply medications…you are so right and I will be more careful. On a personal note, having used homeopathy since age 12, my relationship to all allopathic medications is distant! I appreciate the depth of the point you make. As we know, the brain looks no different whether one is labeled with this or that diagnosis, but when the psychiatric medications are introduced, this is when the chemistry in the brain changes. As someone once said: ” You think we understand the brain? It is more complicated then the universe.”

    As I have stated: while others are focusing on changing the system, my hope is that Inner Fire may set an example of how we can support those who are seeking to engage in their healing process and therefore, hopefully also save some lives. In this land of “freedom and opportunity” (!), I simply believe choice should be more visible. Knowing there is a choice, and honoring the challenges of being human and helping folks to experience for themselves, through the proactive program we offer , that indeed they/we are more than our traumas, (though the traumas are inexcusable and a reflection of how imperfect our society is…) is the way I, with wonderful colleagues can bring change.

    We all have ways to contribute to the change which is so essential…our children are our future leaders…how are we supporting them?

    Once again, Richard, thank you.