Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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  • What about a Group#4… those given psychotropic medications ‘off label?’ This group could be particularly instrumental in proving your points. This off label group are given psych medications out of the realm of psychiatry; they were never anxious, depressed, suicidal or homicidal until they took the medication as prescribed. In the majority of cases with psych patients, doctors can easily gaslight and use the excuse when patients become suicidal, it is their ‘depression’ worsening — so the drugs are never blamed. But in cases where patients were never depressed to begin with — but given these dangerous drugs off label to treat insomnia, grief, acne, shingles, whatever the case may be… and they develop suicidal / homicidal ideation, it is more obvious that it was indeed drug-induced! Add in the fact these patients were never given ‘informed consent’ and you have a case that is less easily disputed.

  • Thank you, Dr. Breggin for having the courage to continue to speak out and call these medications what they truly are — neurotoxins! “By reminding us that even “nonpsychiatric” patients can be afflicted with these potentially tragic effects, the FDA makes clear that the drug, and not the patient’s mental disorder, is the cause of these reactions. Only a potent neurotoxin could have such a devastating impact on the brain, mind, and behavior.” This is exactly what happened to me — I was prescribed psyche medications ‘off label,’ never given ‘informed consent’ and convinced by the neurologist that they were safe and effective for my health situation. Nothing could’ve been farther from the truth… as these drugs have completely ruined my mental and physical health.

  • Frank, you nailed it… “Putting profits over people drives the whole ball game, and this means that rather than treating the whole person, it is convenient to focus on “disease”, regardless of whether that “disease” is real or not. If folks can profit from it, it’s real enough for those who are making millions off of it. The rest of populace are the gulls that feed their industry.” A good example is all the off-label prescribing of psychotropic medications where mental illness symptoms do not even exist… anti-psychotics and benzos to treat acne?! Welcome to the mental health system. The patient takes these toxic drugs only to become anxious, depressed and suicidal! Acne is the least of their problems! Then more pills are prescribed to treat side effects… and patients are sucked into the medication vortex! Our health care system is no longer about healing and health… it’s about bottom lines and profits. Oh yes, and greed with a capital ‘G.’

  • Thank you, Cole for your rebuff of Dr. Shipko’s article. As an iatrogenic illness survivor, I couldn’t agree with you more! Reading Dr. Shipko’s words made me physically ill. 🙁 As someone who was prescribed psychotropic meds out of the realm of psychiatry, and who personally suffers with akathisia, the idea of taking benzos to quell someone’s akathisia, ‘tardive’ or otherwise, seems totally abusive and ludicrous!

  • As always, thank you to Dr. Breggin for revealing the real problem in this tragic story, psychotropic meds… SSRIs in particular! streetphotobeing, thank you for pointing out Akathisia and the hell it puts people through! I am an iatrogenic illness survivor and I know first-hand how these drugs can destroy your mind and body. I too, experienced the same state of psychosis as the two young people in this tragedy. The ‘devil’ took a dominant role as the ‘voices in my head’ became more powerful and overwhelming. While on an antipsychotic/SSRI cocktail, I became totally unrecognizable to my parents. In an effort to ‘fix’ my brain, doctors destroyed it.
    Society and doctors need to wake up to the power and toxicity that these drugs have over people… before more innocent lives are lost.

  • Exactly, Stephen… with extra stress on “that they probably shouldn’t be on in the first place!” As an iatrogenic illness survivor, it would be interesting to see how the statistic numbers would change adding all of us into the mix, as well. ‘The third leading cause of death for Americans is medical-related,’ however, what about all of us that have been harmed and/or completely disabled by medication?!

  • Thank you, Peter! An important point that was not truly discussed is the fact that so many doctors are given added incentives and perks to over-prescribe… which includes prescribing specific classes of medication to certain groups, such as children and the elderly. But of course, sadly, no other country is probably more guilty of that than the U.S.A.

  • Excellent post, JanCarol! Once a patient is sucked into the ‘medication vortex’ there is virtually no way out! One pill leads to another… as more pills are added, patients just get sicker and sicker. All in the name of healing and medicine. As you stated… ‘Patients listen to their doctors who are listening to drug companies.’ Guinea pigs, all of us! #prescripticide

  • Thank you to Henry Bauer for this insightful commentary about science’s role in our society, and thank you too, Richard for adding a crucial part of how politics (government) and drug companies play a major role in controlling and impeding science! 🙁

  • Bradford,
    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! Unfortunately, it has not been that simple for me. Exercise (including Yoga) was one of the many things I was referring to when I mentioned I had tried a wide variety of treatments. My disabilities severely limit my ability to exercise, and even when I am able; it actually makes my symptoms worse. I am forced to walk nonstop day/night because of my Akathisia; so as you can see, walking has not made a positive difference. I really appreciate your optimism, but please realize that these drugs do cause permanent brain damage for some patients. For example, to help you to better understand, here is information from Dr. Peter Breggin discussing how most cases of Tardive Dyskinesia can become permanent: http://breggin.com/antipsychotic-drugs-and-tardive-dyskinesia-resources-center/

  • Thank you for your comment, Julie and for your kind words. You have my permission to use my song in your presentation. Please message me on either my music Facebook or Twitter to discuss it. As for your point about suing the neurologist, unfortunately the Statute of Limitations for the state it occurred in is two years, which it is well past now. As I stated in my story, the neurologist had told my family that we should give the side effects two years to completely pass. How ironic that this was the exact amount of time as the Statue of Limitations in being able to sue her. Out of our ignorance at the time in waiting, we lost our chances of suing. We can’t help but wonder if the pharmaceutical industry gave the doctor that ‘number’ to trick patients in order to protect the doctors. Attorneys have told us that my case is actually very complex and would require a very seasoned attorney to handle it. My health also greatly limits how much I would be able to prepare. I look forward to hearing from you and about your project.