Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Comments by Angela Peacock

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  • You forgot a few major things… there are thousands of videos on YouTube chronicling the people who have been harmed by psychiatry, who are tapering off of psych drugs, or healing from the above.

    New non-profit organizations that have been formed to help people who have been iatrogenically harmed: Benzo Info Coalition, The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices, Akathisia Alliance, among others.

    Film: Crazywise, Medicating Normal, Letters from GenerationRX, Healing Voices, and Daniel Mackler’s many films!

  • Yes anxiety is absolutely real but what they don’t tell you is that benzodiazepines can make it worse, making you believe you NEED the benzos hence long-term use.

    With all due respect, your comment is doing the very thing that the article is suggesting. You are accusing patients of misuse of them thereby making your own use justified. Let’s be clear, no one is advocating to take your drugs away. All of us who are lobbying to change laws and to bring attention to this problem are advocating for informed consent. That you be told BEFORE your first pill the very real harms that can come of taking them.

    Did you know that benzo use can increase your risk of cancer, falls, dementia? Especially in old age? Do you think that’s okay that no one told you that? Don’t you think it’s responsible that FDA is warning doctors to not abruptly withdrawal patients? We advocate that people who have been on them long-term be left to decide for themselves if they’d like to stay on them or withdraw. That no one be forced off for any reason whatsoever.

    So, I would invite you to take this article in and not be so quick to have a defense against so many people who’s lives have been RUINED just taking them AS PRESCRIBED. Just like you are. Maybe you read something that scared you but it’s no reason to accuse us advocates for taking your drugs away. That is not what we are doing. I also find it extremely troubling that you know antidepressants are “truly horrible drugs” but you can’t see that for benzos. You can’t die from seizures from coming off SSRI but you can from benzos.