Sunday, April 5, 2020

Comments by Jocelyn Pedersen

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  • I agree, abilify and other atypical anti psychotics are particularly worrisome when used for insomnia and other off label purposes. Many people don’t even realize what they’re are taking and that the research has shown these can cause brain damage. Like benzos, they may be life saving in extreme circumstances. But to prescribe them as a daily treatment long term is dangerous in my opinion .

  • For those seeking tapering advice please visit or Just like vaccines or any other pharmaceutical, some people can tolerate drugs without severe side effects. Then there is the population that is injured. When it comes to benzodiazepines that injured minority is a very large one and the injury is severe. The question is, when is it immoral to injure so many for the benefit of the majority? I don’t have the answer to this question. What I do know is that by requiring doctors to give informed consent, educating doctors and patients in the signs of a benzodiazepine associated disability and how to help someone humanely taper and recover, a lot of suffering can be avoided. Whether or not this leads to difficulty in obtaining such a prescription is yet to be determined. As I said before, my desire is to protect the rights of patients who are already dependent. No body should ever be forced off these drugs. As for a war on drugs, anyone who knows someone with BAD understands that we barely have the energy to take a shower, much less wage war.

  • Actually I am in support of legislation going on right now in Massachusetts to protect patients rights. I certainly don’t want anyone forced off their benzodiazepine. What I do want is informed consent so that if you chose to take a benzo, you are aware of the possible life altering consequences which far exceed addiction in my opinion. What I want is medical recognition of those who have been mentally and physically disabled so they can get help and not left destitute and alienated from friends and family.

  • I agree medicine can be a double edged sword. However a valid diagnoses means people can get insurance to pay for their medical bills or therapy. It means they can more easily file for disability. It also means they’d have greater ability to sue their doctors. Above all else, a name for an illness gives you validation when trying to explain what you are experiencing to friends and family. I am not a fan of a mental health diagnosis as this is not specifically a mental health problem, it’s central nervous system damage and should be treated like any other bodily injury.