Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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  • Hi Slayering_the_Dragon_of_Psychiatry,

    just wanted to point out, that I read your comments. I strongly disagree with you. In fact, I am a lot in sympathy with Burstow’s work and think that she doing sth. which I missed in the movement a lot in recent years.

    As I don’t see any sense in arguing with you, I won’t. I rather focus on getting together and discussing with respect for each other.


  • Hi Daniel,

    thanks a lot for your comments.

    I see that the movement is a lot separated and this is why I think it is very important to be more supportive to one another and to get together. But it’s not only about some movements who are just minding their own business and not seeing themselves as part of the fight against the psychiatric system. As I point out it’s also us, who have to reach out to the other movements and taking part of their important fights and seeing us as part of their fights. As a non-binary person and someone who is a member of the radical left movement I know that this is not easy to do.


  • Hi Ted,

    thanks a lot for your comment. I would really like to get in touch with you. How can I contact you?

    I like the idea of small conferences and being more supportive of one another.

    I don’t have a receipt of how things can change, but being more supportive, more action and strategy than talking is something I think is needed a lot at the moment.


  • Hi madmom,

    thanks for your comment and sharing. You said:

    “If you are talking about broadening the tent to include the ‘worried well’ well yes, it’s true that we need more people to understand that they have a dog in this fight so we are not just this small group of people singing to the choir.”

    I think so too, but would even go further and say: Psychiatry has linked itself with Psychology so much in the past centuries that the focus has even to be as wide as “normality” (aka people who think they are normal and society is handling them as such) to even get a small clue of what Psychiatry is today. Cause all those “normal” people are deeply using psychiatric and psychological technique which they learned from pop culture like self help books and books of how to manage your emotions and stuff (especially the middle class).


  • Hi Frank,

    thanks a lot for your comment. My written english is not the best, but I try to reply:
    I know that internationally the term “survivor” is much more common than “ex-user”. But as I’m based in Germany and the term “survivor” is specifically used for survivors of the Shoah, I prefer using “ex-user” as long as I don’t know a better term. There was even a long debate about whether “survivor” is going to be used in Germany or not some years ago in the European Network of (ex)users and survivors of psychiatry (ENUSP).

    Kim (pronoun “they”)