Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Comments by Robert P. Lightfoot

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  • You mentioned teenagers suffering from anxiety that is seen as illness. This is something that really bothers me. Children are the most vulnerable, and to see a child doing fairly well that starts to seem worse after taking psych meds really does bother me. Anxiety is real, but I wish we would be better about treating the root problem which could be things like eating the right food, getting the right sleep, and learning healthy ways to express stress rather than jump to putting a band-sid on through psych meds that end up causing so many side effects that are unnecessary. If somebody wants to take psych meds, it’s ultimately their choice, but I think there needs to be much more clarity for the general public and physicians to understand the many ways that people can be healed without even messing with psych meds.

  • I love that idea of writing an article about what helped me! You mentioned Robert Whittaker; one of the people that helped me the most that I found on the internet was Dr. Peter Bregin, especially his book called “Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal” and his podcast and YouTube channel.

  • Thank you for your thoughts. My mental health was saved in the sense that I was at a place where I was struggling having taken psych meds for years. Going off of the meds helped save me from that situation. But yes, being restored is probably a better word to use that might more accurately fit what’s happened. Or rather, I’m still in the process of being fully restored or saved might be the best way to express it.