Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • I absolutely agree with your opinion of psychotherapists. They are indeed a huge part of the psychiatric “system” and psychotherapists are definitely NOT the exception to the rule that psychiatry does way more harm than good.

    1. Out of the few times I’ve attempted going “off my meds” in the past 38 years (not including now 2022) it has been one of my many psychotherapists who convinced me to start taking them again (Twice! The other times, they were physically forced in-hospital when I refused)
    2. A part of the reason I stayed in an abusive relationship for 7 years was because my psychotherapist, at the beginning of my abusive relationship, had me convinced that it was a “normal” way to start to any relationship by “fighting” like that—that’s “how to established boundaries “. After a year of describing these “fights” to her each week, I asked one day, “are you sure this is normal??? To which this psychotherapist replied, “ Heavens, NO! Why would you think that? She is abusive! My advice to you is for you to break up with her and find a girlfriend who has even less self-esteem as you, Lori. If that’s even possible!”
    Then a month or so later, she said, “I am really tired of listening to these complaints about your girlfriend, Lori. Until you break up with her, you are no longer allowed to talk about her in my office.”
    But by then I felt so trapped in my abusive relationship, especially with no one to help me figure things out, that I did nothing, kept everything to myself, and was abused everyday for another 6 years.
    By the way, I felt so ashamed of myself, I never mentioned my girlfriend again to her. I did stay with that therapist until she moved away a couple years later. For the life of me, I cannot remember or even imagine what else my therapist and I found to talk about after that, as I wasn’t working and had no other friends. Maybe, I made up things to talk about? Happy experiences I had with my loving girlfriend??? I honestly don’t remember.

    I was abused by psychotherapists and psychiatrists and by my lover. But at least, after we broke up, I didn’t get an invoice in my inbox from my EX!

    It’s been months now since I stopped taking psych medication but every day, every hour, I experience severe painful symptoms, either from physical damage from long term psych drug use or from withdrawal symptoms. (I have doctors appointments every week to address these symptoms and conditions. Mostly, those doctors cannot help, anyway, really. The stress dealing with the regular health care system is a whole other horrible story.—And they also send a bill.)

    When will I ever have to stop paying for their abuse of me????

    So HECK YA! I totally agree, Birdsong!! Totally!!!

  • Gina—I feel your pain. I understand. You know I do. I am outraged at what they’ve done to you. You are absolutely right. Your destruction IS NOT OK!!! It is a horrible awful tragedy. You do not deserve this!!
    You are a beautiful human being. REPEAT:you are a human being. You are not less than the psychiatrists. They may think so, but they are NOT better than you.
    Try to know that. Try to believe in yourself!! I’m thinking of you, Gina. I need you. Please come find me on inner compass initiative. I would love to chat!!! Lori Daniels.

  • Yes! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your dedication to real science, documentation and accountability. I like that you want to include that in your book.

    Please help me. I am confused by your explanation about the numbers you add to the text.

    “I have added a page number to the textbook references and often also to references to other books to show where the information can be found. Thus,17:919 means page 919 in that textbook (or, in a few cases, 1-2 pages further ahead, when the information appeared over several pages).”

    You say what 919 means. It means the page number. But what does the 17 mean, in 17:919?
    What do numbers mean that do not have a colon in the middle? Such as the numbers at the end of your sentence here?
    “they do not have disease-specific properties.3,4,7,24”

    I think it take’s incredible courage and I applaud you for the work you are doing. Thank you so very much!
    The psychiatric survivors need people with credentials like yours to aide in the fight for humanity!!

  • Nothing wrong with anger!! It’s normal. You were wronged! You were terribly HURT! We all have been hurt!! Let the anger fuel you. Fight. Fight for HOPE!!!
    That’s what I will do.
    Thanks about my mom. I’m going to do my best to care for her. She’s precious.

  • Thank you Rosalee. Your words are so kind and your compassion touches me. I am very saddened and quite outraged by your personal tragedy at the hands of psychiatrists.
    Your hope for me? Thank you! My plan and my path forward IS for more personal health and it is to hold the psychiatric industry accountable. I plan to do this is by telling my story to as many people as possible, until people stop turning to this institution of predators to solve normal human problems. My plan is to connect with other human beings and put forth love and compassion into the world, creating a world that I want to live in. A world with dignity, respect and equality for all humans. Because we are all the same. We are all different. We are all beautiful!

  • I haven’t really cried yet myself. Sometimes I wish I could just cry it all out. I’m having a lot of trouble letting go of my anger about it all. It’s not just over myself. What really pisses me off—they drugged my beloved mother 10 years ago, with two times the highest dose of Lexapro. And I was too fooled to stop them!! She’s now titrating off it because she has osteoporosis. She is so sick with withdrawal, I want to scream.
    It’s one thing when they do it to you. It’s quite another when it’s your family they do it to!!!

  • I’m very very glad that you have financial resources. That is awesome!!! I encourage you to use that gift to heal and
    Live life to the Fullest. You deserve that!!! I hope you also spread the word of the injustices in the mental health system. I know that is the path I am taking. I know I am capable of that. We are all beautiful and have so much to offer.

  • Your points are extremely valid, insightful and intelligent!! Thank you for sharing them!!!

    And this that you said—“Lori, you have more brain than any shrink could ever wish for. You have GUTS. They know this.
    And I am really sorry that those weak asses did their racket on you.
    Thank you for your GUTS, your insight, your voice. It is a great voice.”

    Well—That was a really nice thing to say to me. It brought me joy. Thank you very much.

  • The mental health system isn’t the only crisis I see in this world. It is just part of how the “global predators” in this country and in this world are oppressing regular people. These global predators are extremely powerful, wealthy and dangerous. Dominance and oppression of individual liberty is their goal. They will use every resource they possess to shape the world in the way they want it shaped.
    These predators have created a mess. It is a huge and very daunting mess.
    But the predators are made up of individuals and these individuals are made up of the same basic particles as I am. Everything in the entire universe is made up of the same basic particles. They are human. I am human. Equal. We all have the capacity to create. If the predators created the current state; I can create a different one.
    They lied to me and told me at 17 and reinforced it with their drugs and separation, for 38+ years—Lori you are INCAPABLE.
    I believed them.
    I have woken up from that nightmare.
    Unfortunately I am now in another one.

    But now—I see the truth.

    The truth is—I AM CAPABLE. I am capable of creating the world I WANT.

    I am so dismayed, so heartbroken by humanity and what we have done. But I have HOPE. I DO!

    I am going to share our stories. I will not be deterred.

  • I watched that video. My understanding after watching/listening to that YouTube video—It’s a civilian man who was run into by a police car then being kicked and beaten by the police . A man who the police were told, by hospital staff, had a diagnosis of bipolar and that this man had left the ER waiting room without permission, after waiting in the queue for over 24 hours and not getting admitted.

    So, did he deserve to be chased down, run over and beaten for that?

    I wonder… if he had not had a diagnosis of a mental illness and had just been a regular man waiting for a bed because he had, let’s say, chest pains, got angry and impatient and stormed out, he would have been beaten for that?????

    (I wonder where that guy is now? Two years later)


    This system takes human beings and makes them “less than”
    We all have a right to be treated like full fledged human beings. Because we all are, even if we have mental/emotional problems.
    Those policeman thought they had the right to “control” that man because someone said he was mentally ill. And in that case, control meant using physical force. That physical force harmed him. He ended up in a medically induced coma!

    Psych drugs are also used to control the mentally ill people’s behavior. They also harm us. These psych drugs are harmful. I am living proof. I have a list of physical diagnoses from these drugs!! And there are tons of people out there just like me.

    Please! Please start connecting with us. Treat us like humans. Please stop controlling us.

  • Thank you for that keen observation. “Broken” implies it worked well and in the benefit of patients. I strongly agree! I think the psychiatric industry has always been much more about the psychiatrists themselves than about healing their patients. More about exploiting the weak and helpless for accolades and profit. Psychiatry is a business. Just like big pharma. For almost 70 years now, they’ve make cozy bedfellows. A match made in heaven since 1954. Before that, psychiatry was successfully convincing greater society that lobotomy was in the best interest of the mentally ill.
    I vow that it will NOT take another 70 years for our society to see these psych drugs in the same light that we now see lobotomies. People again WILL say,”What barbarism those treatments (psychotropic drugs) were! How could they do that (prescribe drugs) to fellow human beings???”

  • Thank you Michael.
    I read your article. Sounds awful. Very very traumatizing. The mental hospitals now are not much better. However, in the past 10-15 years, they do not keep you there very long. Thank goodness. But only because it’s too expensive. The mental health system, specifically psychiatry was broken then and it is still broken. I think it’s time the psychiatric industry got out of the mental health business. All they do is prescribe pills that have no science behind them but do great bodily harm to people.
    How about we let the other mental health clinicians take over and use compassion to connect with troubled, struggling souls like us on a human to human level. Why can’t we just try that for awhile and see how it goes?

  • Thank you. You are so right. Thank you for bringing that up. It needs to be addressed!!! Many times when I’ve tried to stop taking psych drugs in the past, my withdrawal symptoms were seen as the return or as worsening mental illness symptoms. In response, I was given more psych meds.

    This happens all the time. Making it almost impossible for people to stop taking their psych drugs long term.
    It turns into a vicious cycle.
    Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing that with me. I really appreciate your comments. I’m so sorry that you and so many others share my story. It’s a national, no worldwide, tragedy. Let’s all turn it around, shall we? I’m tired of being a victim. We are all human. Psychiatry has dehumanized us and isolated us. We do not need to be diagnosed as “other than”, then controlled and isolated from the rest of society by these drugs! We DO have a diagnosis. We DO have a special “condition” It is called the HUMAN CONDITION! Every human has it. We just have it too.
    Please find my on inner compass.com. I’d love to chat with you.

  • Hi Lisa!! I feel such a bond with you and I’ve never even written to you yet. However, you read my story, “I Can Barely Breathe” and now I’ve read yours. Your story blew my mind! I’ve been around the horrific psychiatric block, so to say, and your story still made my jaw drop!!! I can’t decide if the doctor who took you off THREE meds AT ONCE cold turkey was just plain stupid or just plain evil. I’d love to chat with you online. I’m planning to come to DC to start shaking trees on Capitol Hill writhing the next 18 months. Have you heard of inner compass initiative? Find me there if you want to meet. We can chat. I’m a member. https://www.theinnercompass.org/

  • You mentioned my journey. I am now going to choose my own path. I am no longer going to let the doctors or the mental health system decide the parameters of my life. I am choosing a path towards activism in bringing awareness to the regular hardworking members of society that psych drugs are the vessels being used for financial and corporate control of the economy and public services. Even if I’m accused of having grandiose manic delusions for saying something like that.

  • Thank you. It’s extremely heartbreaking to me also because I keep reading other stories and the words they use to describe the physical and emotional things they’re going through because these drugs could be my own words. I read a post and literally do a
    Double take to see if my name is on it-“ wait! did I post that last night and forget? That’s exactly what was happening to me!”