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  • Let me preface by saying thanks for hitting that send button! I’m glad it resonated and that there’s a lot of commonality between us. Believe you me about the whole overthinking thing, it feels like a necessary thing to do, and you can’t help but wonder how other people get by without doing it all the time.

    As crazy as it sounds, I wanted to share a way that worked for me, and I hope it’ll make sense…

    First, take things into perspective – if your mind is racing at 100mph, even acting on instant gut feeling will still be more thorough and thought-out than the average person. Next, if the consequences of your actions (the ones that weren’t thought over to death) happened, you’ll be able to handle it because you’ve mapped out all the scenarios well ahead of time. And lastly, remembering that all things are iterative (forged relationships, the act of learning and gaining knowledge, life experiences, heck…even a mid-life crisis) really helps alleviate the burden. You’re allowed to make a mistake, the universe won’t collapse on itself and doom everyone around you.

    And thank you for the poem, because if that was recited from memory, that’s impressive! I’m not usually able to understand the deep meanings of poetry and art, but I’ll be damned if that didn’t highlight the internal struggle and doubt we have when faced with both hardship and opportunity.

    Oh! I’d be very interested in exchanging knowledge about the plants that might help with those issues. I’ve always believed tea is a great vehicle to deliver the benefits that people might not be getting, and can be done in a way that is enjoyable to drink. Ditto on the spiritual aspects of it as well. There’s just too much potential yet to be realized!

    Keep at it though, just knowing and admitting it is (to be cliche) half the battle. There will be a day we look back on this and smile, knowing we’ve come such a long way.

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  • Depending on your past experiences, it seems totally justified that you would be worried about something like that. No one wants to live a life of fear, especially towards basic human necessities like food and drink!

    Though I can’t speak to the spikings, if you can, surround yourself with people or an environment where you can control it as best as possible, and over time, the paranoia might subside. I was a victim of a laced drink at a bar (that was highly rated, clean and friendly too) a couple years ago and was rushed to the ER as a result. Definitely bad times.

    On the note of self-diagnostics and the “system”, it’s almost impossible to have them take you seriously unless injury or crime was involved. Even touting my major depression and anxiety issues, I’m still expected to perform and survive in society. In your case, if something severe happened, don’t give up until you get closure.

    As for the taste of benzodiazepines (as I’ve never had it before), I can assume it’ll have a synthetic, bitter taste? If that’s the case, natural sweeteners like Stevia would work wonders. Floral ingredients like rose and lavender do a great job of adding in flavor as well. Milk/Milk alternatives really help in taking the edge off any tea-based drink – it won’t remove it entirely, but it’ll go down easier!

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  • Forgive me, as that was never the intention! In trying to approach the idea of using tea as a tool to help overcome our problems, it might have come off that way.

    But, I’m elated that tea helped your situation and got you through that time. In comparison, my story might not even hold a candle to yours! If you have a story, have you shared it here?

    And thank you for the kind words. It means the most during these early stages. If I could find a way to help even just one person through something with my tea, it would all have been worth it.

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  • And that’s perfectly okay! Tisanes and herbal teas, in different (and better) ways, actually give you more health benefits than straight tea. The fact that you are able to share it with friends is already a plus, more than a lot of people I know.

    So keep the hot water flowing and expand your horizons by trying things like Hops, Ginkgo Biloba, Linden Blossom or Valerian in your next cup! They work well when taken over long periods of time against frustration, anger and general anxiety.

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