Thursday, October 6, 2022

Comments by Eleanor Longden, PhD

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  • I share many of the same reservations about Szasz that Ron Unger articulates so well, but likewise remain very sensible to the incredible impact of his life and legacy. In this respect I really appreciate Professor Fontaine’s work on this article – it’s erudite, bold, creative and exactly the right side of provocative! It’s always a pleasure to see these types of pieces on MiA, and is what contributes to making the website so special.

  • Thanks for your question Alexa. I haven’t been criticised for it (yet!) but it is something I’m asked about a lot, and people tend to be surprised when they find out I haven’t taken ‘anti-psychotics’ for nearly 10 years. When talking about medication, I emphasize the importance of personal, informed choice for deciding to take it, but also what I see as the latent risks of using it as a permanent substitute for more active ways of coping with distress. In my own situation, it was integrating, tolerating, and understanding painful emotions (and the ways these were represented by the voices) that made my recovery possible, and this wasn’t something medication could achieve. I suspect that even if medication had got rid of my voices (which it definitely didn’t!), the difficulties would have just manifested in a different way.

  • Thank you so much everyone for the warm welcome and positive feedback – it’s put a big smile on my face! I’m really looking forward to getting much more involved with the site as soon as I get my thesis out the way…

    There are some fantastic reflections and perspectives in this comment section in terms of moving psychiatry forward (no surprise there!). If people have time, it would be great if you would consider re-posting parts of them under the talk on so as many people as possible can benefit from this wisdom.