Saturday, March 25, 2023

Comments by Lisa Wallace

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  • People have been approved to remain on disability for psychiatric diagnoses, even if not taking medication, based on proven record of intensity of adverse effects, becoming ill from meds, etc., so stopping psychiatric treatment is not necessarily a death sentence for receiving SSDI benefits.

  • Holy crap, I have so much in common with your story, except a psychiatrist stopped my meds cocktail without taper (yes, withdrawal was hell), I didn’t have as much ECT, and I acquired a different autoimmune disorder (from Abilify) called IgA vasculitis. If you want some feeling of solidarity, I wrote my story for MiA too, and it’s here:
    I don’t desire to die as strongly or as often any more 3 years into recovery from psych drugs, but at age 59, I’ll never fully recover either.
    -Lisa Wallace