Los Angeles Neurodiversity
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Country: United States
In Practice Since: 2014
Type of support offered: Support groups, legislative advocacy, education

Los Angeles Neurodiversity (LAND) is a social, support, and advocacy community for people of all cognitive styles. This includes Autistic people, voice hearers, multiple systems, trauma survivors, people with learning disabilities, and anyone else who identifies as neurodivergent, Mad, or mentally different. LAND is working to achieve better services and supports, public acceptance of neurodiversity, and human rights for everyone. Through community education, legislative advocacy, and public demonstrations, we oppose efforts to limit the diversity in the world, including confinement, forced drugging, coercive behavior therapies, and other violations of our human rights. We consider the neurodiversity movement a part of the disability justice movement, and also invite family members, friends, professionals, and other allies to join in our efforts.

Los Angeles Neurodiversity was founded in 2014 as a chapter of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a national non-profit organization with all-Autistic leadership. In the summer of 2017, ASAN announced an end to the chapter network, in favor of independent affiliates. We chose the name Neurodiversity to reflect the intersectionality of our community, and of our social justice framework. We support not only autism, but the cognitive liberty (mind freedom) of all people. Neurodiversity is for everyone. If you are joining our community, we want you to “land” here in a sense of support and belonging.

Antidepressants: Yes
Antipsychotics: Yes
Benzodiazepines: Yes
Mood Stabilizers: Yes
Opiates: No