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Georgia Peer Support, Wellness and Respite Centers

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Often when things are breaking down, we are not in a situation where hospitalization will serve our needs.  Peer support may be all we need and desire, along with a safe place to stay the night.  At each of the three Peer Support, Wellness, and Respite Centers, we have three private rooms where peers can stay for up to a week at a time and receive peer support and respite in lieu of psychiatric hospitalization.

Georgie Peer Support offers respite in 5 different locations, a “warm line”, and peer support.

Bartow County, GA: (770) 276-2019

Colquit, GA:(229)-873-9737

Decatur, GA: (404) 371-1414

Henry, GA: (678)-782-7666

White County, GA: (706) 865-3601