Alastair Yarrow, Homeopath
Street: Arklow Natural Healing Centre, 8 St. Mary’s Terrace
City: Arklow, Co. Wicklow
State: N/A
Country: Ireland
Phone: 00 353 402 33933
Accepts Insurance: Yes
In Practice Since: 1998
Type of support offered: homeopathy
Setting: private clinic

Original work was assessment of young people who were in conflict with school, society and home.( ’73-91).This lead to recognition of connection to mental health. No one wanted to know …so I would fight my corner. Eventually forced into early retirement, (best thing that ever happened to me in hind sight.) lead to break up of marriage; going a bit crazy and then crash! Diagnosed with clinical depression..medicated but stopped meds after 4m when friends warned of dangers. Took 10 years working out who I am, and continue to learn.  In ‘94 encouraged to consider homeopathy as possible new career line… became a formative learning experience! Realized that all life’s experiences are valuable! Can assure people that an individual’s qualities come from passing through negative experiences, hopefully made easier with support and care, and not the silver spoon.

Antidepressants: Yes
Antipsychotics: Yes
Benzodiazepines: Yes
Mood Stabilizers: Yes
Opiates: No